Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creepmas: Day 11

This is the final panel on my Creepmas box.
I still have the lid to reveal tomorrow.
My best friend pretty much lifted her leg and claimed this for herself.
She rarely does that, so I'll let her have it this time.  

I matched the image up with some MS and Ek punches, and then I got the
bright idea to use a "To:/From:" tag as well.

Not feeling very well, so this is a short post.
Thanks for dropping in again today.

Next up is Aletha for the RSD hop.

Merry Creepmas!!  


  1. Great Imp digi. Love the way you have colored him. I think this will become a great Creepmas Box! Greetings, Caroline

  2. another awesome piece , can't wait to see the rest

  3. Oh hes brilliant, I love the colours you went for. Spooky, Love Hazelxo

  4. This box must really be something, Glo! Fabulous panel! Can't wait to see the top. Lifted her leg, eh? Ewwww!!!! xxD

  5. Ohh! Get to bed and don't get sick ...bad timing for that! Beautiful coloring on this little devil/imp! I love your numbered days background and the to/from tag. And it is so nice when people love your stuff enough to just claim it!

  6. Lovingthe gift tag background-greatjob!!!

  7. fantabulous Gloria, it looks so cool, great colours too

  8. You know you rock, Glo! I love your work! Your coloring is, as always, amazing!

  9. I am getting sick of saying this to you but your colouring blows my mind haha. AMAZING x

  10. Fantasric card and great colorcombinations! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  11. That's one pressie you won't have to buy eh? lol j/k - this is just amazing. I know how Andrea feels. Get better very soon and hope IT doesn't linger xxx


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