Saturday, March 21, 2015

Check me out! I'm a snarky Princess!

Easter is fast approaching. Seems like it was just Christmas.
Although my yard is in full bloom, and I am well stocked
in allergy meds, it still seems too soon for spring.
Which officially begins on Friday. Yay.

I am thrilled to have been invited to play along with the 
I have snark in spades, so this should just be a weekly
event for me anyway.
Since the theme is Easter, I cooked up a lil' hasenpfeffer.
Or maybe he's not quite cooked thoroughly yet....

Even Easter can be adequately creeped up thanks to
Happy Creepster!!

I used one of my handmade zombie brains and made a fancy schmancy
embellishment with some black tulle and pearl thingies.
It's nice, right?

And no creepy make is complete without some MS drippy goo punch.
I layered it up in different colors for a festive feel. 

I typeset this sentiment myself using Gimp.
I thought I had a stamp of it somewhere, but must have just been
wishful thinking on my part.

Thanks so much to the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers for inviting me
to play along with them this week. Nothin' better than gettin' my snark on
with the sisters!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I guess I have succumbed to the fact that spring is
in full bloom. Early, but blooming none the less.
I seem to keep reaching for bright, girly colors to
use on my projects. It's like Mother Nature is sending
me subliminal messages or something. I wish she'd quit
doing that.
I do have to admit that when I saw the freebie image for
the Smeared and Smudged Freaky Freebie facebook challenge,
I was hit right away with this idea.  

I immediately knew I wanted to make her gas mask
into a watering can to water the blooms of the apocalypse.
I dotted the background  using Copics to look like falling ash, 
ala Silent Hill.  

This ended up way prettier than I had imagined, 
but it is nice to see what's in my head come to

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Safely hiding in my comfort zone

Today is the beginning of a new challenge over at Aurora Wings.
I think the theme has to be pretty much everyone's favorite,
Anything Goes.
It's definitely one of my favorite themes.

I was having a hard time coming up with something new, 
and out of my comfort zone. Then it hit me. Pastels. I am not a fan of
pastel colors as a whole. I don't wear them, I don't use them in my art,
and I don't relish the pastel overload of Easter.
You could say that pastels are way out of comfort zone. Way out.
I love the artwork of the "White Lady" Aurora Wings image, and have
been wanting to use her for quite some time. The color scheme tried
to get away from me a few times, and I'm still not convinced this isn't 
a huge fail, but I am trying to stretch myself into new directions artistically. 

After clear embossing the beautiful face and shoulders, I colored the 
background using Distress Inks. This stopped my attempt at water coloring
from ruining the entire image. And since I chose such an odd color combo,
I colored my own paper roses to match using Copics and rubbing alcohol.
I added in some white glittered chipboard scrolls and some dew drops
to try and pull the colors around the page. And added some Stickles for more sparkle.
Overall, I am not upset with this card. It's not my usual jewel tones and massive 
color saturation, but I do like it.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Little Green Oddball

Westmoreland nesting Lion

Okay, it's taken me a good solid week to recover from my Dad's visit.
The visit itself was actually quite nice. It was the week before that really
effed me up. My Dad was a first sergeant in the Air Force. One of his weekly
duties was to inspect the barracks for cleanliness. He pretty much white gloved
every one's room in search of an infraction. And usually found at least one.
Welcome to my world. 
Imagine growing up in a household with a weekly inspection of sorts. 
Inspections I usually always failed. Always.

Scratching Dog Stone Animal

Fast forward some 25 years later, and after seven years apart he decides to come
visit. He hasn't seen me or my family in seven years. We left Texas on bad terms,
and it wasn't until the death of my Mother almost two years ago, that we began 
speaking again, and healing our fractured relationship. My Dad and I are 
ridiculously alike. Hence the wedges we both drive...
So to say I gave my house a thorough cleaning would be overstating
an insurmountable task. But I did do a pretty good job of making everything
appear to be tidy and dusted. I have a shit ton of chotchkies and dust collecting
collectibles, and crap, so dusting in itself is quite a chore. Plus, we have
three dogs, and two long haired cats, who produce their own miniature 
replicas out of shed hair every other day. Makes ya wanna come and visit my
hairy dust bowl of a curio shoppe doesn't it?

My Mom's wedding ring and everyday ring

Anyhoo, after a nice 4 day visit, good food, and an expected apology, I had to 
take a few days off to rest my aching back, and start going through all 
of the treasures my Dad brought me that belonged to my Mom. He was quite
generous with this delivery. I got all of her jewelry, her stone animal collection,
photo albums and scrapbooks that she made, a couple of pieces from her 
Westmorland Nesting animals collection, and various other cherished items.

 My Dad's stuffed animals from his childhood.

I think we're in a good place now. Finally.

Now I'm ready to get back into create mode and make some art!

I am a new fan of Oddball Art Stamps. I have a few of their images,
but haven't played with most of them yet. This little guy came with
a cool demon girl, but I wanted to use him all by himself for this ATC.

How cay-oot is he? Soooo cute! I have a thing for voodoo dolls.
Always have, just ask my husband...
"Can I have a lock of your hair?"
"What for?"

I popped this guy up on foam for dimension, after coloring him with Copics.
I used some Halloween paper scraps and skull glitter tape from
Recollections at Mike's. I found two punched hearts in black and 
added Firefly Stickles to make them sparkle. Added the "love me"
and this ATC is fini.  

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Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge - #149 Going Green
(I think this might qualify for both, depending on how ya look at it)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Always in the Naughty Corner

Growing up as an only child meant that I was
always in trouble because there was no one else around
 to blame shit on. I was easily bored, what can I say?
I was always on restriction or grounded. Most of my summers
and school vacations were spent with a chore list, and a
consequence if the list wasn't completed by end of day. Which actually
meant end of business day, so 4 PM when my Mom got home from work.
And even though I crossed stuff of the list as I went, I always
managed to miss something, or more often than not, I just
didn't do it right. Which makes sense in retrospect because
I didn't start doing stuff on the list until about 3:30PM.
Kids are so dumb. Or maybe it was just me... 

Which brings me to my card for today.

The new challenge at HDH is The Naughty Corner.
What's really nice about these challenge themes is that you can 
interpret them any way you'd like, as long as they're creepy,
risque, Gothic, Steampunk, or Hallowe'en inspired in some way.
No cute shit in the dungeon. That doesn't fly with the Minions. 
Anyhoo, this schmexy sistah is from a now defunct(or renamed?)
shop that is no longer carrying her, so I'm going to call her,
"Helllloooooo Nurse!". Any Animaniacs out there?
I am quite pleased with how her mask turned out. 
I made the mistake of coloring it with flesh tones first, but
after some colorless blender and blue greens, I think it 
gives the impression I was hoping for.
She works perfectly with this sentiment set from
Hambo Stamps. I just love their funny two part sentiments.
But, it looks as though they are selling off the last of their stock,
 so snatch 'em up while you still can.  

Perfect snark in all it's glory!

Say goodbye to the pretty lady....

I hope you'll join us over at Haunted Design House for some
naughty good times and play along in our month long challenge.

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