Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get yer ZOMBIE on!!

Zombies, zombies everywhere!!!

Man, I thought this day would never get here!
And then again, I could have used another day or two
to finish all of my intended projects.


ZOMBIES are a favorite of mine and have been since I first
caught the Zombie contagion back in the 80's.
"Return of the Living Dead" was and still is, my all-time
favorite Zombie movie, with "Fido" running a close second.

I was always just a fan of Zombies until a couple of months ago.

I decided to start creating my own Zombies.
Not only that, but I was going to do it in an Eco friendly manner.
I started perusing the local thrift shops in search of
unsuspecting statuary that could use a new paint job.

This was my first creation.  
Who can't help but smile at a ZomBuddha?

Since then I have made quite a few pieces and have sold
some of them in my Etsy shop.

I have been acquiring some awesome new pieces
just for this Zombie Walk and now I am ready to
unleash my creations on the world
(or Blogger at least)!

Bound FOREVER in death.

 The happy couple.

What a glamour puss!

He does know how to work that camera.

And his eyes glow in the dark.

Now it's time for a special guest straight from
the Disney Estates!
(Man, what a find this was!!)

It's Belle!

Isn't she lovely?
I went a little light on the gore for this one.
Some purists may get offended anyway, but
I think she is tastefully Zombified

Parts of her gown glow and so do her eyes.

And lastly, we have a visit from the old red devil himself...


What goodies have you brought for me, Santa?!

Oh! Umm, ... that's okay. You can keep that.

Thanks for indulging me on this little journey into my
Zombified world.

If you are interested in acquiring any of these pieces 
you can email me or check out my Etsy shop
and see more of my Zombified line and other
creepy, handmade Hallowe'en items and decorations.  

Below is a list of all of the participating Zombie Walk blogs.
Feel free to hop, skip, jump, or shamble at your leisure.

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Another scene and some Zombie info

I have tapped into my "Mojo Vein",
and am having a blast creating with the new
"Mini Monztas" from Make it Crafty.

The challenge over at Haunted Design House
this week is to make a Hallowe'en scene
This week's sponsor at HDH is Make it Crafty,
and since I was already on a roll with the little cuties
(Yes!  I did just say that!) I decided to make yet another
Hallowe'en scene.

I used the Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankie,
and the Headless Horseyman for this framed scene.
I used the graveyard scene for the background,
also from Make it Crafty.

I used a re purposed frame from the thrift shop, painted it black,
and then added metallic silver and purple paint with my finger
to the raised details. I really like how it turned out. 
I also left Frankie outside of the frame since he covered too much
of the background with is giant bolts.
It kinda looks like he's been replaced by the Headless Horseman.
Those reanimated brides can be so fickle!

I have to admit that I originally colored the Bride as a ghost.
I never caught on to her being the Bride until I was putting her
into the frame.  Duh!
I colored the background in cool grays and then added some  
V000, V01,V12 and a little RV000. Then I Stickled the bejeezus
out of all the edges where sparkly moonlight may fall.
That's alot of sparkle. 

Lastly, I drew in a huge moon and colored it in with
more of the same Violet Copics.  I'm not real sure that
it translates well here, but it does look pretty cool in real life.

Now I said something about Zombies didn't I?
Well this Friday is the Virtual Day of the Dead if you will.  
        This Friday you can zombie walk with those of us who love
and admire the ZOMBIE, from the comfort of your own home. 
What a great way to kick off the coming season!!
All of the participant bloggers are spotlighting some sort
of Zombie themed project, artwork, story, make-up application,
recipe, etc... to fill your appetite for the undead.
I have been soo busy working on some killer pieces for this event.
I am so excited to show my new Zombified creations!!
Please drop by tomorrow and see what I have been up to.
I'll have a list of all the blogs participating and you can hop
along at your own risk, I mean, leisure!
Nom! Nom!  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wretched Wednesday HDH108 You're Making a Scene!!!

Horrific Hump Day Haunters!!!
Can you feel the crispness in the air yet?
I can't. We're still flirting with the 90's here in California,
but I am getting a bit giddy with all of the Hallowe'en decorations
out in the stores.
A little retail therapy really helped my mojo this week.
I kinda went cwazy on this challenge.

HDH are challenging you to make a Hallowe'en inspired scene
for this week's Macabre Monday

We are very fortunate to be sponsored by
Since I am to lazy too make a step card, I decided to make a really
a labor intensive project instead. Using a thrift store frame,
lots of card board, some MS punches, lots of glitter and Spica pens,
and some awesome MIC digis, I have created a great scene!!

Okay, first I painted the thrift store frame with black, silver, and 
purple acrylic paints. I used black as the base coat and then
used a dry brush technique to apply the silver and purple paints.
While that was drying, I colored in the Mini Monztas from MIC
using Copics.  After fussy cutting the images I used a Spica pen to
go around the outside of the images for some Vampiric sparkle.

Now let's not forget that Haunted House! That detailed baby was
quite a work out! LOTS of details!!!!
I had to get out the magnifying specs for that one!
I layered in some QuicKutz and Martha Stewart graveyard
punches togive more depth to the scene.
I even managed to pop in a teeny tiny skull on one of the headstones!  
I popped everything up on corrugated cardboard in varying thicknesses.   

I topped off both of my Vampyres with Glossy Accents.
It makes them a bit more sturdy, especially the little
lady since she is outside of the glass.

I love this house image!!!
I Stickled the windows to make them sparkle,
and outlined the entire house in Sakura Stardust pen.
I also added some rhinestones. More sparkles!

I think this will make a nice addition to my Hallowe'en
decorations this year.

There is still time to play along with HDH this week.
If you like these images, they (and others) are up for grabs as this
week's prize schwag. But ya gotta play!  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh my gourd!!!!

Get your hand made, one of a kind miniature pumpkins

I've got a bunch of little gourds just begging to bring
the Hallowe'en spirit into your home!
Some even glow in the dark!!!

Please drop by my Etsy shoppe and
peruse all of my hand crafted Hallowe'en goodies!  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Appalling Apothecary

The Macabre Monday challenge at HDH this week is
Appalling Apothecary.  

I have been compiling my own Apothecary collection on
my mantle for about a year or so now.
I have some antique books, some specimen bugs, candles,
and creepy bits and bobs.
I have taken pictures of my mantle before, so I wanted to
show you something totally new.

I got this awesome little cabinet for my birthday.
My friends are finally catching on as to how easy I am to shop for.
Thrift store finds are my favorites!!! 

I took all nine of my Tim Holtz corked vials and
transformed them into bottles of various tinctures,
poisons, and remedies.

I printed out a bunch of poison labels I had been
saving for just such a project. I glued them on the bottles
and placed them on the shelves in an eye pleasing manner. 

I also added some of my miniature sculptures from my personal 
collection to fill in the blank spots.
If you are in need of some cute, hand sculpted gourds for your
own personal collection, please visit my Etsy shoppe.

Uh oh! Someone left the lid off the Zombie Virus!!!

I had a blast making these little bottles and may be heading to 
Mike's tomorrow to pick up some more with my 40% off coupon!

There is still plenty of time left to get in on the action for this
week's challenge at Haunted Design House

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Teri

Yesterday was a special day.
It was my Sister Minion's Birthday.
I forgot.

So today is officially,
"Kiss Teri's Arse Day".

I made Teri this pretty card to match her sparkling personality. 
I cut up some Spellbinder shapes as an homage to Teri's
brilliance with modifying Spellbinders.

I used this awesome Sweet Pea image thinking it was
just Steampunkish enough for Teri's discerning taste.
I Stickled and Stardusted the image to make it sparkle,
but the camera never seems to see it.

Teri is awesome and probably the most mature minded
of the HDH bunch.
She has a wonderfully thriving digi business called,
where she is the sole artist and creator.
Drop by her shop and check out her amazing artwork!
If you are more into rubber images, Sweet Pea Stamps
is carrying her images in rubber now.
Yup, she is that awesome!! 

We are very lucky have her on our team at HDH
and I hope she can forgive our absentmindedness. 

Happiest of Daze to you Teri!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Graphicat Designs Grand Opening Blog Hop

Welcome to the much anticipated
Grand Opening Blog Hop!!!

If you have happened upon this hop and want to
start from the beginning (which is highly
advisable if you like free prizes), then please start here.

Today is the beginning of something very BIG for my
dear friend, Cheri. She is launching her very own online store,
chock full of everything a good crafter loves!
We're talking about Copic papers, 6X6 paper pads, 
fun, sarcastic, and snarky sentiments exclusively from
Graphicat Designs,  and rubber and clear stamps from some of your
favorite companies.
Graphicat Designs is the only Canadian retailer for 
Tickled Pink Stamps and Simply Betty Stamps.
They are also the only Canadian retailer for my awesome
Glow Skullz
(plus some new, exclusive, and soon to be released
embellishment designs!).

I have had the immense pleasure of being on a DT with Cheri
in the past, and one thing I can say is, "that is one funny chick!".
Cheri has some hilarious and snarky sentiments available in her
new store. My favorite are the Zombie themed sentiments
No! Really?

I have paired one of those sentiments with a new Tickled Pink image
called, Zombie Kellita, also available at Graphicat Designs.

See? I told you it was funny!

And then what Hallowe'en card would be complete without this
awesome image?

Next up on our Grand Hop is that

Please take the time to drop by Graphicat Designs
and take advantage of the FREE shipping on all
orders from now until September 26th.
Plus, hop along with us and win prizes for commenting on
all of the participating blogs.
There will also be a Grand Prize drawing from all of the hop
participants for a $25 Graphicat Designs Gift Certificate

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Invidiousness - The Seven Deadly Sins

Envy (also called invidiousness) is best defined as an emotion that
 "occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality,
achievement, or possession and either desires it
or wishes that the other lacked it."

This week's HDH challenge  of
The Seven Deadly Sins
has proven to be just that, a challenge. 
I have scrapped two projects already and am less than pleased with
my current offering. I am being a weak ticket and I am offering up
this stunning array of awesomeness to feast your eyes upon
in an invidious manner.
I shall be farting my very own brand of bone dust this Friday,
when I turn into a 'forty-something'. Boo hiss!

This is a killer birthday gift sent from a dear friend, and 
soul sistah Minion, Andrea.
Can you feel the envy starting to creep in yet?

Did you see the European Hello Kitty PEZ, complete with
skully bow?!
How about now? Any signs of envy yet?

Check out these AMAZING embellies!!!
All totally handmade and so detailed!! She needs to be selling these!
Maggots, and eyeballs and coffins! Oh my!

Check out how teeny tiny these are!

These are so darn cool, and I can't wait to put some to
good use very soon!
Again, she should be selling these on Etsy. I'll keep ya posted.

Andrea made me this card using her very own art
of the cool punker zombie from my all-time favorite movie,
"Return of the Living Dead".

I am LOVING this embellishment!
The details are just wonderful on this card!

Here we have a beautiful journal and some killer barbed wire ribbon,
some custom handmade Hello Kitty embellishements (just for me!!),
and the cutest felted jack-o-lantern evah! 

How flippin' cool huh?!

Okay, I can't stand the sound of my own (internal) braggart's voice
any longer.
I am a very fortunate person to have met and made
long lasting friends with some of the coolest, most creative,
and generous people in blogland.

I will be "paying it all forward" very soon.
My season is approaching and I am feeling very 
generous with the "sweets".

Stay tuned.... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More talent in her little finger.....

So I am still crushing on my new
soul sistah, Michele Covington.
She is the mastermind behind some of the most
detailed, unique, and whimsical sculptures I
 have ever laid my discerning eyes on!

Her shop on Etsy is called,
Covington Creations.

I have so many of her pieces that I lovingly call my
collection, "The Covington Collection", but may 
be changing that to "The Covington Asylum for the 
Mentally Deranged" collection.

This is just a small smattering of her work.

"'Ello!" "I said, 'ello!'
This guy totally reminds me of the worm from 

Who doesn't love a mad purple bunny??!!
In a straight jacket!!!

This is "Edgar, the Destructive Bat".
He was sorta inspired by my (in my head) Uncle Edgar
from the show, "Oddities" on the Science channel.
"Is that a sssstraight jacket?" 

Check out all of the details!!! Brilliant!!!

I fondly refer to this guy as a "Stitchling".
LOVE his little hat! 

LOVE this pendant!
Michele makes all kinds of wonderful art
including jewelry, potion bottles, sculptures, and is
also open to custom orders as well.
Please drop by her shop and take a look around.
You may just find the perfect gift for a hard to shop for, 
cool kid on your Xmas list.