Monday, July 21, 2014

Silly for Sprites!

Today begins the new challenge at 
The new theme is 

I instantly fell in love with Mitzi's flower Sprites the minute I saw them.
I honestly can't remember the very first Sprite I added to my ever growing
collection, but I can say that I love them all! 
Especially the "Corpse Flower Sprite". He's wickedly awesome!
So, to say it was difficult to choose which Sprite to use in this project,
is an understatement. 

So I narrowed it down to eight of them,
and I made an accordion book to keep them all cozy.

I just wanted to show how glittery this little guy is in real life.
Everyone got an adequate dusting of glitter. All sprites sparkle, don't they?   

Front cover.
Painted with black gesso and Silks acrylic glaze in Black Ice.

Back cover.
After the black Silks paint dried, I added some of the same
paint in Iridescent Copper for some highlights and distressing.
I really like the copper Silks. Nice coverage and shine.  

I used some Sizzix dies to cut out various shapes and embellies for the book.
I cut everything out in back card stock, and glittered accordingly. 
For the covers, I painted the die cuts with TH distress crackle paints in 
antiqued bronze.

I really love the crackle effect.

I'll probably make a belly band or a sleeve for the book to slide into,
so it stays safe and protected when not being adored by everyone.
But, that's for another day.

Please be sure to drop by the challenge blog and check out all
of the Sprite projects that the talented DT have created for this challenge.
So much eye candy, you can't help but be inspired. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

She gets me, and I get her

The week before last, I received a very disturbing phone 
call from a very dear friend. I could hardly recognize her voice.
But I did make out that she had had a stroke.
I was, and still am, floored by this news.
She is only in her late 30's, takes great care of herself, has been
Vegan for pretty much all of her life. WTF?!
She had a double aneurysm, which fortunately was only leaking, and 
didn't burst. And then she had to have emergency brain surgery to 
stop the aneurysms, which has a 50% mortality rate all it's own.
Now she has a pretty shaved head, 50 staples, and a huge scar on her 
head. But she's alive, and making a great comeback.
All that said, she has a strange sense of humor, which makes sense that
we "get" each other so well. So, being the card maker that I am, 
I made her a get well card.

I'm pretty sure she's going to love this!

I used a great image from Smeared Ink's "Gross Anatomy" set, 
appropriately called, "Lobotomy".
I also got to use my tattered banners die from Tim Holtz for the
first time. I think I need some practice folding them, and it is better
to use a thicker card stock, as opposed to the thin paper I used.  

I am always saving weird pictures off the net.
This one is pretty weird.
I always tell my son that we had his tail cut off at birth.  

  And my witty sentiment on the inside.
I had to get that picture of the nurse in there somehow.
I cropped out the ventriloquist dummy lying on the cot at her feet.
It killed me to do so, but I ran out of room.

Thanks for dropping by today.
I'll have a few more weird get well creations in the coming weeks.
She already got her stitches out, and should be coming home this week!
I like to think it's my inspirational cards that have helped her to heal so quickly.    

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let them eat... an eyeball cupcake?

I have an Aurora Wings Showcase project to share with you today.
Mitzi has once again drawn an incredibly lovely, and detailed image.

This time she has re-imagined Marie Antoinette. How fun, right?
Well, you know I can't have anything nice, so it should come as no 
surprise that this is what I did to poor Marie. 

She's still quite a stunner with her undead pallor, 
dontcha think? 

I used Violet hues for her skin tone, making sure to give her
sunken eye sockets and sunken cheeks.

I decided to go all out with her hair color. I chose to use
YGs and BGs in her incredible tresses to provided good
contrast with the adornments in her hair. I used Stickles in Glam Pink
and Crystal, for that bling factor on the beads and feather. 
Marie (alive or dead) was quite a fancy, and elegant woman.  
Fancy = Bling.

I have joined the Tim Holtz masses and finally picked up the weathered clock die.
LOVE it! I chopped this one in half, distressed it with ink, and applied Rock Candy Stickles 
for more ... wait for it, ... BLING

For the final piece de resistance, I couldn't fight the urge to
add a googly eye to the cupcake. Kinda silly, but what else
would you expect from me?
I love the silliness of it in the middle of this very serious card.
Yeah, right. 'Cause an undead Marie is just so serious! Ha!

The dp is from MME Lost and Found Two.
It's aged with TH distress inks and again, I have 
added Stickles, this time in Diamond, to each panel.
More bling is bettah!

Be sure to check out all of the other incredibly fabulous versions
of our sweet Marie at the Aurora Wings Showcase blog.
And if you just want to skip all the hoopla, you can go purchase
your very own Marie Antoinette image here, right now!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Your weekly issue of Smeared Ink

Since I have basically a shit-ton (real word, look it up) of birthday cards
to make this month, and the next, I decided to use some of the various
digital eye candy Smeared Ink has to offer.

I really like this image called, Specimen Jar Man. It's perfect for all manner 
of masculine themed projects. I love the whole Da Vinci vibe it gives off.
I colored this fella with Copics, as usual. I colored the orange butterfly
a bit too vividly, so I went over the entire thing with a warm gray (W2)
to dull it up a bit. It makes quite a difference, believe me.  

I stamped an insect diagram image directly onto the kraft card, but it
also came out wonky, so I spritzed it with water to make a subtle, less
offensive background. I used some MME and Basic Grey dp matted with
black card to make it all cohesive. 

Make sure to check out all of the varied and versatile images available at 
And, check out the exclusive designs available only through the rubber club
I recently joined up, and I don't regret it one bit! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Eerily Inspired Box of Emptiness

Welcome to week 2 of our 
Eerie Inspiration challenge

I'd say that this photo collage is brimming with eerie, beautiful, dusty,
thought provoking, mojo whetting, inspiration. Wouldn't you?

I decided to alter a paper mache box.

This is the lid. I used some ripped dp and crackle paste for the texture, 
on both the box, and the lid.

I gathered up some monotone goodies like paper roses, the ever
popular cheesecloth, some little round mirrors, a wooden cross that I painted 
with crackle paint, a polymer clay coffin that also got the same crackle treatment, 
and some other goodies for equal measure. I ended up adding other tones like 
pearl, amber, gold, and silver for more interest.  

I added some little wooden cups for feet on the bottom of the box.
I like the height they give, and it makes it look a bit more fancy 
than just a common box. For a last hurrah, I rubbed the edges of the
box and crackle texture with Inka Gold in silver. It gives the box the
look of old, heavy silver. Love it!    

Wanna make something cool for this challenge?
Enter here.

I'd like to enter this box in the following challenges:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Corpse Flower Sprite

I have the great pleasure of being on the Aurora Wings DT.
This means that I not only get to create with all of Mitzi's incredible
artwork, but that I get to make suggestions as to possible future images.
Well actually, if you are a member of the Aurora Wings facebook group
you can make all the suggestions you want, and eventually Mitzi may get
around to drawing up one of your suggestions!
But I digress...

I have always been slightly enamoured with the magical carrion flower, or
also known as the (way cooler sounding), corpse flower

This beautiful plant grows in the rainforests of Sumatra.
The bloom is enormous, and smells of rotting meat, or really smelly gym socks. 
It only blooms once, every two years. So it is a pretty big deal every 
time one blooms. The bloom only usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours.
 One just bloomed in Missouri Botanical Garden, and one also bloomed 
in a man's backyard in Florida. He has been growing it for 12 years from a seed.
This is the first time it has bloomed. He has seven total plants that he has
grown from seeds he purchased for $100 each. So cool!

Again, I digress...
See? I said I was a bit enamoured with this plant.
I asked Mitzi if she would draw this incredible plant as one of her Sprites.
And she did!
Wanna see him?
Are you ready?

Isn't he delightfully menacing?
And dig those awesome, squiggly stench lines!
And the flies, too!

I loved coloring this odiferous guy up!
I think he'd make a great/funny "get well" card. 
He is now available in the Aurora Wings digi shop.
Get him before his stench fades!   

Monday, June 30, 2014

Smeared Ink Monthly DT Blog Hop

Welcome to the June installment of the 
Smeared Ink monthly blog hop.
I can hardly believe that it's already summer.
Moreover, that it's almost July 4th! 
Time really flies when you're an old lady!

here is my card using one of the awesome "Llorona" images available exclusively
from the Smeared Ink Rubber Club. Well, they haven't been released just yet,
but since I'm on the DT I get the perks of playing with the new releases early.
[insert shit eating grin here]
I struggled to make this card. I tried to force some cool Day of the Dead
dp on this project, but there was a shade of green that just wouldn't play nice
with all the purple. I scrapped it finally, and just kept everything in shades of purple
and black. So much better! 

I broke out with the pearl stick pin and a handmade headstone embellie.
I need to make more of these. That is one of the best Martha Stewart
punches in my collection. Next to the drippy goo punch. That one is a
definite must have for any creepy crafter.   

Be sure to check out the entire hop with these handy links.
 photo DTButtonApril2014_zpsfa628662.jpg