Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday's child is full of ...

... poisonous gas and pirouettes. 
I never did care for that whole "Wednesday's child is full of woe" deal.
Since I was born on a Wednesday, I hated to think that my fate was sealed,
and I was doomed to walk the earth full of woe for all of my days, based solely
on the day of the week I was born. And yet, maybe I am rather woeful...

I've kind of been on a corrugated cardboard kick lately, and I had a piece
already distressed and cut to the perfect ATC size lying around....
So I made an ornament or a hanging of sorts.

I used some new pearlized crackle paste, and some of my favorite mica flake medium.
I also added good ol' Stickles to the perimeter to match her glittery ensemble.
I like the contrast between all of the textures on this piece.

  Such a fun image!
I used the strange, yet delicate 'Ballerina' image from the 'Toxic Ballerinas' set.
She just adds more glittery texture and bizarre contrast to the entire piece.

Thanks for stopping by!
If you're in the mood for daily inspiration using Smeared Ink images,
be sure to check out the eye candy at Smudgy Antics.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cactus Love

Back in 1991 I was living in Sylmar, Ca., and I 
lived downstairs from an amazing woman named, Rusty LaCroix.
She was a red-headed, Irish spitfire who took no guff from anyone.
She had some health issues and spent quite a bit of time in her apartment.
She pretty much had a jungle growing in her living room window.
She shared many plant cuttings and growing tips with me, but the one thing
she shared with me that gave me the most joy was a Christmas Cactus cutting.
I have had the plant from that cutting for well over 20 years, so when Mitzi from
Aurora Wings drew up a Christmas Cactus Sprite I was immediately in love.
But then it hit me. My puppy Gabbi, had eaten that plant this summer. Damn!
I was now kinda sad, as that plant always reminded me of Rusty, and was the one
plant I had that bloomed so beautifully in December. Sad face.

And then I remembered that I did salvage some clippings from what
Gabbi didn't gobble.  

And to my surprise and sheer joy, they were blooming!!!
All is right with the world now. I'll get this beauty transplanted
and relocated to higher ground this coming spring.    

The gorgeous fuchsia color was my inspiration for this card.
This cutie is for the new challenge at Aurora Wings challenge blog,
"All That Glitters"

I went with a Christmas theme, but any type of glittery creation is
welcome for this challenge.

I added Stickles to the background paper, the sentiment tag, and
I outlined the Sprite in it as well. It is a glittery challenge, right?

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Be sure to check out all of the sparkly treasures the DT created over

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Farewell challenge for Delicious Darkness

Today marks the beginning of the end of the challenges,
and the stores known as Delicious Darkness, and Delicious Doodles.
Due to new tax laws going on the books in 2015, many UK digi shops will be 
closing down for good. Unfortunately, the Delicious shops are 
scheduled to do the same at the beginning of the new year.
Teri is offering generous discount codes for both of her shops.
Grab those images now, while they're offered at such a great discount!

If you can't take advantage of this fabulous sale and are
devastated like the rest of us that these shops are closing,
you will still be able to access Teri's darker art from 
Smeared Ink. Yep! The girls at SI have stepped up and are 
offering Teri's images in rubber and digi!! Nice, right?

Our final challenge theme for this month is 
Anything Goes
And if you're feeling extra adventurous, the twist is 
Creepy Crimbo.

I have been on a bit of a tag kick lately.
I'm trying to build up a reserve of them for next year. 

I used Teri's Skully Xmas Wreath for these tags.
I colored them with Copics in different color schemes,
added a gem to the center, and lots of Stickles for added

I just stamped "To: and From:" on the backs to make them gift tags.
I think these would be great as inexpensive Hexmas ornaments, too.
I went for a relatively CAS look for this card.
I really wanted that Ram's Skull image front and center.
Such a wicked image!

After coloring it in with Copics, I backed it onto some layered 
twig wreath die cuts, embellished with half pearls to look like
ornaments. I added the barbed wire die cut because it was looking
really bare. I like how this turned out. Not too fancy, so it's perfect
for a masculine friend or family member.

I added this festive sentiment to the inside to finish it all off.

That's it for me! 
Please drop by the Delicious Darkness blog to see 
all of the wonderful work the DT have created using Teri's incredible artwork. 
Maybe even have a play with us for our last hurrah!!    


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Check out my Smudgy Antics!

Creepy Glowbugg here to share my project for the current
Anything Goes (as long as you use a Smeared Ink image)
Smudgy Antics challenge.

I have finally decided to make some Creepmas/Hexmas cards.

I am using the wicked cool Dark Holidaze Entryway from Smeared Ink.
This is the digital version, but a rubber one also exists in a set of Holidaze rubber.

I even broke out with my new TH Bowties die for this card.
Way easier than trying to tie my own bows, even with the Bow Easy.
Yeah, I still have a hard time doing it right even after watching
countless videos. I've been having a Schleprock week, so it's just
par for the course at this point.  

Be sure to enter your Anything Goes (with Smeared Ink image) project here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Check out my Smudgy Antics

So have you heard? Smudgy Antics is back!!!
We have a daily dose of DT inspiration for our new
Anything Goes challenge.  Pretty cool, right?
It's nice to keep the momentum going each week, throughout
the entire month of the challenge. The brilliant inspiration just never stops!

Even though I masquerade as Creepy Glowbugg, I do enjoy the
festivities of Creepmas. Especially the gift giving (and receiving).
Every year I find I am at a loss for gift tags. I don't know if maybe there
are gift tag eating rodents in the garage who dine exclusively on my
handmade tags and nothing else, but every year I have to make more tags. 
Way more tags than I have ever used in one holiday season.
I'm not really  a fan of the adhesive ones, although I usually end up using
them anyway with my constant shortage of homemade tags.

This year I have used Brass, the Steampunk Reindeer for a set of tags.
Please feel free to overlook my poor frantage application. I was hoping 
for a snowy effect, but it just kinda looks messy to me. Practice makes perfect,
but those big chunks just fly right off the paper before I can get them melted.
I even cheat and use some VersaMark to get it to stick. 

He is just too stinkin' cute, and perfect for weirdos and norms, alike!
I ran across some new punches I forgot I bought at TJ Maxx. They were 
perfect for this project. I like the peek-a-boo effect they give the tags.
And you just can't go wrong with Stickles (in Platinum and Xmas Red)
for that festive feel.  

And then I had to make some homemade specimen jar tags.
Friends and family expect nothing less from me anymore.

I put this guy together using my favorite little weird bear from the 
Candy is Dandy rubber set, the empty specimen jar digi,  
and the jar label digi. Fussy cut them out, and punched a hole
at the top.

Stamped a simple, "to: and from:" on the backs,
added some baker's twine, and viola!
I'm ready to start wrapping some gifts!
These would even be cute as ornaments on a tree,
or strung together like garland with a different specimen
in each jar. Hmmm.... I really like that idea.

Be sure to stop by the Smudgy Antics blog everyday
for a fabulous gift of inspiration. And if you're feeling creative,
add your Anything Goes (using a Smeared Ink rubber or digi image)
creation here. 


Monday, November 17, 2014

You little Turkey!

Hi, remember me?
I posted daily for the entire month of October,
and then I fell off the face of the earth.
Actually, I took a small hiatus from crafting and it felt pretty good.
Sometimes you just have to recharge your creative battery.

I am back today with a new image and a new challenge from 

Everyone loves an 'Anything Goes' challenge, right?
Well, you have an entire month to get something made
this new challenge.

I was inspired by this little guy from Aurora Wings.
He's a 'Turkey Sprite', and can be found here.
I usually pull up reference photos when coloring something
that is actually real. I like my images to look as realistic as possible, 
unless it's a fantasy image. While looking for cool turkey feather coloring
I noticed that some turkeys have a vibrant blue head. And since I like
my sprites to be anything but flesh toned, I went with the bright blue
coloring. I really like the pop of cool color in this earth toned card.    

This is from Stampin' Up. Never ever used before today.
I outlined the sentiment with Cinnamon and Paprika Stickles.

Pretty simple layout, but it sure is sparkly.

Be sure to stop by the Aurora Wings challenge blog to see all 
of the talented design team's projects and maybe be inspired to 
play along with us this month.

Yesterday afternoon the power went out, so instead of being cold
and bored at home, we went as a family to Old Sacramento.
It's a local rustic tourist trap, full of high priced specialty shops
along the Sacramento River. We usually go a few times a year
for special events and our new holiday tradition of choosing
a new ornament for each year's Xmas tree.

There is a year around Xmas shop there, that is just magical.
I try to go close to Halloween and before Thanksgiving so I can
catch the Hallowe'en Day of the Dead themed goodies they carry. 

I fell for this glass bat ornament right off the ...
Had to have him. So sparkly!!

And then I saw this guy!

Ack! It's like he was made for me.

Gorgeous mercury glass like effect. 
The ornament is actually clear glass, and you can see through it.

I also inherited about 20 Dr. Seuss Hallmark ornaments from my Mom,
so it's a toss up as to what kind of themed tree to have this year.
Maybe I can find a black artificial tree for my Hallowe'en themed tree.
I'll be on the look out...    

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!!!! Day 31

Today's the day!
I can't believe we made it!
I feel good that I pushed myself to finish, even though
I really wanted to just quit and sleep. A few times. 
Glad I made it to the end.

I wanted to share a smattering of my actual Halloween-type shirts.
The three are from Toxic Toons/Eric Pigors, and the Jack Shinnington
shirt is from Fright Rags. The chick in the coffin glows in the dark. Bonus! 

I had been dying to make these pumpkin spice cupcakes. 
That is until I was halfway through making the buttercream frosting by hand,
and realized that this was way too labor intensive for me! But I was almost
done and wanted to try the pumpkin spice frosting and the cupcake together. 

So here is a great shot of my crappy piping skills.
Good thing this isn't chocolate frosting....

Despite their slightly 'rustic' appearance, they were/are delicious!
And they photograph pretty well, also. 

Have you heard of the "Busy Mockingbird"? She is an artist
who draws gorgeous faces and heads of people or whatever,
and then she lets her young daughter 'finish' the drawing in her 
own style. They both are some amazing ladies. 

As if that weren't enough, she has begun to sculpt these adorably
creepy, and kinda fugly, Monster Puppies!! 
I chose this one to come and live with me. Isn't he sweet?
This one is actually a brooch, but she makes necklaces and actual
plushies with these kinds of faces.   

I just wanted to share this photo because it is beyond
cool! And beautifully shot.

Here is the final page of that Halloween themed paper bag album
I have been working on all month. I still have some fine tuning to do,
but pretty much like Halloween, this thing is done. I just need to add covers
and add ribbons to the binding edge. 

I used a cool raven image (from parts unknown) and a Happy Halloween
image from Stampin' Up. I clear embossed the 31 after I colored it orange
using Copics. Then I used some distress inks to finish off the background.
I'm happy it's done, and I'm proud of the work I put into it. I couldn't have
done it without these Halloween hops. Lots of work, but great fun.
I hope to see you guys lurking and whatnot in the future.
I'm going to go hibernate for a week or two....  

I will leave you with a couple of snapshots of my squirrel baby, 

I'd say she is feeling 100% better than two weeks ago.
Gabbi is 100% as well, but declined to have her photo taken. 
Thank you again, for all of your kind words and prayers.
I am positive it made a huge difference for me, which in turn,
helped my babies.
You guys ROCK!