Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick 'R Treat Frankenstein Day 25

The days are really buzzing by lately.
Time flies when have none.

I wanted to share this incredible replica of Sam's sucker
from 'Trick 'R Treat'. I purchased it through a shop called,
run by a funny and talented fella named, Anthony Rapino

Anthony sculpted the original design and then cast it in 
this great translucent resin. I bought the aged bloody variant.
'Cause I'm a sick puppy like that. Did ya see what I did there? 
Check out Anthony's shop and see all the cool Trick 'R Treat and
Leslie Vernon magnets he has also sculpted. I bought a set of 
unpainted magnets of Sam with, and without his mask, and a 
masked Leslie Vernon, as well. I still need to paint those...

I made another page for that pesky paper bag album.

I made a Frankenstein themed page, complete with pocket and insert.
I used a cute Frankenstein image from Mashi Muffins (Wendy Chew).
 I really like her style of art. I also really like candy corn colored hair. 

It makes my purchase feel validated when a craft item 
has multiple functions. I just picked up this icicle border die 
from Cottage Cuts and I used lime green cardstock to resemble 
green ooze. Add some Stickles and you have fancy green ooze.  
I needed something to break up all that candy corn. 

Here is my insert. I used some cool old film poster images,
but most disturbing is the strange photo of Frank as a
small child. At least he finally grew into that wrecking ball
of a head of his.

I'm still hanging in there and am hoping to maybe get a jump
on next week's projects this weekend.
Wanna see some cool Halloween posts? Check out these month
long blog hops going on right now!

Quick parvo puppy update:
Foxxi was greatly improved yesterday. She was a hungry, happy tail girl.
She received a well needed bath and spent some time drying in the sun.
Yesterday was not a good Gabbi day. Hopefully, she's in the last stages of this
horrible disease. Still no appetite, but is drinking water on her own. Kind of.
She's only three/four days into this, so we're hoping for a better day today. 
Thank you again, for all of your well wishes and good vibes.
I think it's working. :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

I feel like a cheat Day 24

I am still unwilling to throw in the towel on these 31 day long
blog hops. Although I did grapple with the idea more than once.
A friend kindly reminded me that I was sick this time last year.
Hmmm, maybe the stress is more than this old demon can handle anymore.
I guess I had better make the best of it then, huh?    

This is a beautiful  new image from Aurora Wings called, 
With my puppy troubles I was unable to take part in the
release showcase, but I did have her colored, just not  made
into an actual 'thing'.  

So, I scanned the colored image, even though I would lose all
the sparkle from the Stickles and the Perfect Pearls that were on
the original.   

I reduced it down to approximately 3.5" x 2.5"-ish, 
which is much smaller than I can possibly color an image
of this kind of detail. 

I popped her into a sweet little fancy frame, and viola!

Thanks again for all of your wonderfully sweet and thoughtful 
comments regarding my sick furbabies. We're off the IVs for today,
but you never know what tomorrow will hold. So, I'll keep on
happily, and gratefully receiving all of those good vibes.

Be sure to take a stroll down the blog rolls for both the
It's a good way to kill a few hours on some great 
Halloween themed, and inspired schtuff.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm struggling to find the humor Day 23

I can usually make a joke, or find the joke in anything.
Totally inappropriate most times, but funny none the less.
I have to say it's been a few days since I've laughed. 
I've managed a smile, but no heartfelt guffaws have been released.
Today we found out that my baby, Gabbi also has the parvovirus
despite being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster on Monday.
I feel like such a failure as a pet parent. I let her get sick by not
being educated enough, or diligent enough in keeping her safe. 
But the option of having a vet care for her is completely out of the 
question. We thought it was $900 for  a week's stay at the vet.
More like $900 PER DAY!! We were seriously left with
no option but to care for the sick babies at home. So far we're about
$700 in for all the treatments and IVs, and pills. Too much money,
but far more palatable and reasonable than $900 per day.
Little Foxxi is starting to improve. She kept down water and food today
which is pretty huge. She only weighs 9 lbs to begin with, so keeping
her hydrated and fed proteins is a big step in the right direction.
Still lots of work ahead of us... 
So, if I suddenly stop posting for the hops, you'll know why.
Two sick pups is no fun. 
And leaves very little time to craft...   

Which brings me to my artsy fartsy for the day.

I made a quick ATC using some Martha Stewart paper, 
and a Kraftin' Kimmie image called, Mister Punkin Head.
I perched a glittery, puffy sticker raven on his hand (thanks, Deb),
and added a bat punch to the top for more dimension and interest.

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to me whine.
I had such high hopes of making some incredible projects and posts 
Being sick for the first half really set me back, and now with the 
furkids, it keeps getting harder to keep up.
I've come this far, so I'm really hoping to see this through.

See ya tomorrow??   

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CAS Halloween Day 22

Only NINE more days!!!

Gotta get my money's worth out of this thing.

I am loving this image from Kraftin' Kimmie.
He's called, Kreepy Kitty.
It was nothing short of kismet for me to have this stamp.   

I chose to make a clean and simple card.
I always admire it when other crafters make this kind of
super white and minimal card. I'm not so sure I can pull
it off. I've always had a hard time with the "less is more" concept. 

I had to make this a super quick make today as I am home nursing
a parvo puppy. My husband rescued an abandoned puppy last week,
and we found out Sunday that she has the parvovirus. Since we don't have 
much money in our rainy day fund, we opted to nurse her back to health
at home. Man, that's a lot of work! Not to mention what it does to your
heartstrings. She already seems to have perked up a bit, but we still
have a long road ahead of us.

Thanks for stopping by again today.
I really enjoy your wonderful comments and just
knowing that you took a moment out of your busy day
to stop by and check out my schtuffs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Almost in the single digits Day 21

10 more days until Halloween!!
How do ya like my countdown thingie?
I forgot I had purchased this in early September, but only
unearthed it yesterday while trying to finish off the decorating.

I now remember I had set it aside with the intention of painting
up the Reaper since he's looking a bit rough. 

Glad I remembered to get this out and use it before it was too late.
Gotta love those Michael's discounts and coupons. 
I got a wicked good deal in this thing. 

 For my artsy offering I have made another ATC.

I have quite a few Meljen's images, but rarely have the time
to color them up. I did manage to get this lovely lady colored
up for the 31 Days of Halloween celebration.
Her name is Zombie Stella and she can be found here

I added some lightning bolts and a sentiment from a There She Goes 
Halloween tag set. I colored the edges using TH Distress Inks and the mini
blending tool. I really like the way that tool works. 
I usually use a sponge dauber on my finger for this type of effect, 
but I like the new tool better.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope I'm not boring you all with my Halloween papercrafts.
I hope to have my house ready to photograph this week so I can
show and tell you all about my cool decorations and stuff.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Time for Some Dead Day 20

Still trying play catch up from last week, so here's another
quick and deadly one for ya.

This is the Las Calaveras image from Aurora Wings.
Today is the launch of a new Aurora Wings challenge for the month,
Heartfelt Thanks.   

This lovely lady has been colored with Copics and mounted onto
a black card matte. The card base is Midnight Magic Halloween dp
from Recollections. The entire pad is black, gray, and purple. Love it! 

I totally forced that spider web die from La La Land Crafts
because I thought it mimicked the web on her forehead nicely.
Too bad the photo isn't clearer, but time was running out
and so was my camera battery.
I added a TH Movers and Shapers spider to accent the web
and to fill the void on the card. I painted him black with Distress Paint
and rubbed some Inka Gold in purple on him for shine.

I like the look of vellum, but am always stumped as to how to 
adhere it without the adhesive showing.

That's going to do it for me today.
Be sure to check out all of the fabulous projects on the 
31 Days of Halloween and all of the cool Halloween inspired
posts on the Countdown to Halloween hops running all this month.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Magical Mathilda Day 19

Super quick post today featuring

Simple card using orange shimmer cardstock for the base,
and We Are Memory Keepers dp. Layered a K & Co.
glitter border of jack-o-lanterns to mimic the ones
coming out of the book.

Lovely Mathilda all colored up in my usual combos of
YR09, YR04, Y38, Y35, and Y18, for the oranges.
YG17, YG25, YG03, YG01, YG00n for the greens.
V09, V17, V15, V04, V012, V01, V000 for the purples.
E02, E01, E00, E000 for the skin and RV 10 for the cheeks.   

Finally used my La La Land banner die, but I covered up the 
heart cutouts with spider cuts instead. Then I Stickled it up a bit.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I really appreciate your visit and your thoughtful comments.

 Remember to check out all of the talented crafters participating in
the 31 Days of Halloween, and all of the Halloween themed bloggers
participating in the Countdown to Halloween. There is so much creativity
and information being shared, it's nearly impossible to not be inspired in some way.