Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The more peculiar the better!!

Another Halloween season is behind me, and I couldn't feel less 
accomplished in pretty much every aspect of my life. 

I guess that's why I feel so deeply honored to be asked to
create for Lizzy of Oddball Art Co. It has been just the nudge 
I needed to get going creatively again.  

I mean, how can you NOT be inspired by this artwork?
Since really embracing my inner witchiness, 
these kind of images really resonate with me.
This little witch beauty and her accessories 
just for premium subscribers at Oddball Art Co.

I already had a completed canvas board with a great texture
and crackle finish painted, and ready to go.
It paired perfectly with a spiderweb doily and the
images from this awesome stamp set. And then it was 
obvious that I needed to cut up a TH quote chip.
I sanded the edges, and then inked them using oxide inks
which gave them just the finish I was looking for.   

Lastly, I added some bling and sparkle, some TH clips,
a chain, and some of my favorite and coveted Halloween ribbon.
Oh?! Did I forget to mention that I mounted her head
 on an action wobble thingy? Well, I did, and it's perfect!

Thanks for stopping by.
Stay tuned for more Halloween makes, as I'm not even remotely 
ready to start the Yule season.       


  1. Amazing!!! So happy to help bring back your creative juice flow !!! Her eyes are so mesmerizing with that glow I absolutely LOVE it??

  2. Ughhh I caught as it was posting .... That isn't a question, I do love it... Was supposed to be exclamations.

  3. Utterly and completely love! The tiny planchette made my heart skip many a beat.

    ♥ Autumn


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