Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So distressed... and some old Rat Fink

This week at HDH the challenge is to distress your project.
The sponsor for this challenge is
and they have offered up a killer prize of a
$15 digi shopping spree to their shop!

I chose to work with this weird little candy corn monster 
from Smeared Ink.
He is so cute in a slobbery and chopped off head, kinda way.

I am in love with this guy. Or maybe it's just his little teefs.
I used some distressed paper from a random Hallowe'en
paper pack. Then, I added a distressed bit of the cover from a
TH Hallowe'en paper pack, and worked it over pretty good
 with a sanding block and the TH distressing tool.
I think I like using scissors better.
I added some cool webbed ribbon in green and black and even
snuck in that cool bug ribbon that I bought last season and
never managed to work into a project until now.

I still have another Smeared Ink project to fininsh up,
using one of their cool Death Cab images. Stay tuned.

You still have until Sunday at 5PM, CST to enter to win
a $15 digital shopping spree at Smeared Ink!!!

The three day weekend gave my husband time to clean up
his man cave (a.k.a. the garage), and he ran across a box of
goodies from my past.

I have always been a fan of Rat Fink and
 since the seventies.
This toy is from 1990 though. Not really vintage quite yet.

I even managed to keep the unused sticker card intact as well. 
I loved going into KayBee Toys and TRU, and hitting up the clearance
aisles. KayBee was always a good one for cool clearance items.
Some people just didn't know what was really cool back then.
Back in the olden days of the early 1990's.

When I die, my son is going to make his living off of
ebaying all of my cool shit.
Some of my schtuff is going to the grave with me though.
I have compiled a rather extensive list, with my original
Fischer Price stuffed Kermit the Frog from 1976, topping the list.
Still gonna be a greedy little miser even in death.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cool new toy of the week

This here is an Adult Swim blind box series 1.
The figure is Early Cuyler, patriarch of the
My favorite cartoon on Adult Swim.
Nothin' funnier than a bunch of hick squids.

"Godalmighty, we ask you to bless this feast what lie before us,
and please allow these spent lottery tickets with their
silvery scratchery seasonings to nourish our bodies
as they were unable to do the same to our wallets.
Lord, thankya for the untimely frost you sent what claimed
our pointless bananer orchards. Oh I was a fool to plant my
nanners on a mountain, you made sure of that.
In short, thanks for nuthin'."

That is all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long in the Tooth and the eclipse

It is Wretched Wednesday already, and I have my
toothy inspiration piece to show you!!

Long in the Tooth is the challenge at HDH this week,
and we are sponsored by
Andrea has offered up a one of a kind sculpture to this week's winner.
Check out this post for more info.

I scrapped a few projects before coming up with this card.
I was very determined to use all of the elements I had chosen.
Regardless of whether they worked or not. 
I printed out some cool dental diagrams I found on
Google images. I printed them onto kraft stock,
colored the teeth with a white pastel pencil,
 and then aged the panels with distress inks. 
I used my favorite stamp from Paper Make Up Stamps
called, Chomps.
I think he's still available as a digi, but they no longer carry rubber.

I added the "I Bite" sentiment and layered it onto a Spellbinder die cut.
I had to add some blood splatter to the sentiment to give it the
"Goria" treatment.

There is still lots of time to come up with a tooth or dental
inspired project for Haunted Design House's 
 "Long in the Tooth" challenge.
The deadline for entries is Sunday at 5PM, CST.

And now for some eclipse photos.
My husband and I were not overly excited about the eclipse,
but once it started, we were running around making viewers
out of paper towel tubes and kept checking back every few
seconds to see if it had changed any in appearance since
the last time we checked. Two seconds ago.
Our son, who is 12 was less than enthused.
He grew tired of the show soon after it began.
Some people's kids! 

This is a shot of our back fence. It was taken of the eclipse
through the shadow of our apricot tree. Each little semi circle
is the sun being eclipsed by the moon. So cool!

Since I am ignorant to whether you can photograph an
eclipse with a regular camera, I tried it on the sly.

Well, it didn't ruin my camera, and I got some cool
pictures, but nothing that showed the actual eclipse.

Maybe I'll get another chance in another 18 years or so. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One bad mother trucker

When I was in Los Angeles a couple of years ago,
I saw this sign and had to snap a picture.
I remember Sebastian Bach saying that alot too.
I still think it's cool though. 
Here is a look at my newest baby doll.
It's just kind of a given that when you share the
same name as a cool ass toy, it has to be yours.
Well, in my house, those are the rules.   

Isn't she lovely?
And so deadly!

She even has a ... (wait for it, wait for it)
removable brain!!!

Some Mom's get flowers and candy on Mother's Day.
I got all you can drink Bloody Marys
and a new Living Dead doll.
I love my life.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making my way back

I've been in a bit of a funk the past few weeks.
No rhyme or reason, just funky.
No focus or mojo either, makes it hard to be
productive and creative.
I'm trying to make my way back though...
I was inspired by this new image from
Saturated Canary, called Cerridwen.

This gorgeous image was perfect for an
"out of my comfort zone" color palette.
Also a great chance to use lots of Stickles! 

My favorite type of fleur to make is one made
from old, recycled dictionary pages. I used the SU
flower punch, colored the punched fleurs with TH
Distress Ink in Sugar, and then crumpled, layered,
and added a fancy brad.

Perfect for a girly birthday or a "just thinking of you"
kind of card. 

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

Thanks for dropping by. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hotter than Hades!!

This week's Haunted Design House challenge is,
Hot as Hell in here!!
This was a difficult challenge for me. It was torturous 
to even come up with this simple layout.
I had mounds of grandiose plans for this gorgeous image
from SimplyBStamps. I colored her up over a week ago,
and then just kept pushing papers around for the last week.
My mojo must be on hiatus. 

Her name is Druscillia.
She is quite magnificent. Somethin' about those horns...

I struggled and I toiled over the sentiment for this card and
finally settled on one I received from my dear friend, Catherine.
I used a lighter to burn the edges of the main image (yikes!),
and then almost completely burned up the sentiment.
I found it helpful to work over a sink and use a damp paper
towel to douse the embers. Setting fire to a perfectly good
image is scary. I had already wasted so much time, I shuddered
to even contemplate starting over after an arson episode.
I came close, but managed to singe strategically, and all is well.   

You still have time to fan the flames with us this week at HDH
The deadline to enter is Sunday at 5PM CST.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glitter whore

I'm not a huge make up whore,
BUT I couldn't pass up this candy.

Blix, of Glitter is my Crack blog,
and the creative jeweler of Moon Maiden Jewelry
is offering up some killer goth/glam make up and goodies
as a blog candy giveaway.

I have recently started following some great make up blogs
that are mainly geared towards dramatic Gothic eyes and lips.
The outfits and hair are amazing too!
I think that I am too old to pull off these looks myself,
but I admire the girls who can and do.

Blix is so gorgeous that no matter what she does,
she looks amazing! 
She is offering up a bunch of goodies, but most importantly, she is
offering a $50 gift cert to her jewelry store!!! Score!
Drop by and check it all out!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gothic Make Over at HDH

This week at Haunted Design House
we wanted to see what those cute or non-Goth
images would look like all Gothed up.

The sponsor this week is Saturated Canary.
What better images to give a little dark side make over?
Besides Tilda images, I mean.

I chose to work with, Dreds.
I fell for this image as soon as I saw her.
The coloring of the dreds was alot of work, but fun
to color just the same. 

I went with the standard Goth color scheme of
purple and black.
Then I went into sparkle overload with all kinds of
glitters, both fine and chunky.

I destashed some purple fleurs and a black feather.
I have tons of these things! Which are near impossible to
wrangle into a container without scrunching them.
And I added a green stick pin to match her eyes.
I almost always color eyes green. Can't help it.

I'm a green eyed lady myself.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For my nephew, Carlos ...

...who is into Nazi Zombies.

Carlos turned 16(?) on Tuesday, and when I asked my son,
"What is Carlos into these days?", he replied without hesitation,
"Nazi Zombies."
Well, after I got over my warm and fuzzy feeling, I got
right to work on this awesome card. 

Apparently, there is a video game (Call of Duty - Black Ops)
and a movie (Dead Snow -2009) that both feature Nazi Zombies.
Nice. It's a win, win. He gets his video game zombies and I get
to play with some B-movie zombies. Schweet! 

I crack myself up sometimes!
Usually, my wit is wasted on the witless.
Other times, it's only funny in my head.
Let's hope everyone gets this one.

My favorite zombie image ever!!!
You'll be seeing Hans again I'm afraid.
Can I just say how pleased I am with the mess of
burgundy and xmas red Stickles that make up the
zombie goo? Mission accomplished.

I hope my favorite, rotten nephew had a great birthday.
He has really grown on me and has turned out to be a
really great kid despite his parent's influence. Ha!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hell in a handbasket (or a jewelry box)

It's that time of week again when I play show and tell.

Here is my latest project.
It's the first of two (so far) Zombie Cherub jewelry boxes.

I found a couple of these little boxes at the thrift store.
I really liked the frame feature which allowed me to
personalize and customize my piece.
I made a little collage for the insert keeping with my
fat, rotten, cherub theme.  

I repainted the box black and then used a dry brush
technique with a nice metallic bronze to give it some shine.
I then hand painted each of the five cherubs to resemble

I adorned each side of the box with a little putrid cherub.
Looks like this one scored a rib cage. And some fruit.

This one is so full he needs a nap.

And this one enjoys a good read after a big meal.

Here is the inside which is in really nice shape.
It is the perfect place to store your zombie themed jewelry
and trinkets.

Speaking of hoarders trinkets...

I got some new schtuff from my dear friend and
brilliant clay artist, Michell Covington.

My little bat friend,
Sid the Serious.
It was love at first sight. For me, anyway.  

Cool bat winged ankh pendant.

Then my coveted and highly anticipated
sculpture arrived.

I realize she isn't for everyone, but I loves my
Antichrist in Skull Bunny form
handmade Festive Dead ornament by Kamila Mlynarczyk.

She watches you as try to avoid her sunken gaze. 

And yeah, maybe she scratched me a little with her
blood stained finger claws. She didn't mean to.
I'm sure it was my fault somehow.
I know she loves me....
she told me so.