Friday, April 29, 2011

Attention: HDH Blog Stalkers - we have candy....

You really should head over to the
 blog and check out the scrumptious morsels of candy slop
that the Masterful Mistress has bucketed up for you to
salivate over.

Yup! There it is in all it's shiny candy glory.
So much cool schtuff I might create a new user name
just to enter my damned self!

GO NOW!!!!!!!!
...before she changes her mind! 
Head over to the HDH blog and get all the
morbid details on how she's gonna make you suffer
for a chance at the winnings.

Macabre Monday "Alone in the Dark" challenge

Just popping in between Zombie posts
and showing you what I did for this week's
Macabre Monday - "Alone in the Dark" challenge
at Haunted Design House.

Another Banner, but more elegant!

This week is sponsored by our very own Minion,

The very first image I ever purchased from Teri was

It was fun to color him in, although I did have
a bit of a time with the shading since I chose
to follow along with the dot technique for most of it.
I like the effect it lends to the gargoyle and it's not 
my normal way of shading so I like the new look to
my coloring.  
I have a fondness for gargoyles (yes, another collection)
and I don't find this guy grotesque at all.
Just wanted to put that out there.

Now for a little show and tell.
This is "Drago", named after Billy Drago.

Gargoyle shelf, awesome Pinky Toast framed print
and Haunted Mansion mini replica placard (I have the vulture one also).

Cat gargoyles on an arch, various other 'goyles
and my beloved "Cosmos". 

Thumb sucking cherub gargoyle, mini Gryphon 'goyle,
and fat butt Gargoyle (and "Mos").

And now, back to our regularly scheduled post.
I ended up fussy cutting this Guardian of the Graveyard,
and sticking him in the foreground of a very dark scene
that I found online.

Please join us this week at HDH for our
"Alone in the Dark" challenge
using black or an eerily dark background (c'mon, how easy is that?!)
sponsored by  Delicious Doodles!!
You have until 10:00PM CST Sunday to play.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Zombie preview - London

Today is my final sneak peek of the awesome
Summer Zombies at SBS.

This is my very favorite image from this new line!!
I LOVES me some London!!
Honestly, have you ever seen anyone look
so cute eating a brain burger??
London manages to pull  it off and still
look completely feminine and adorable!

I kept this card pretty simple since I really
wanted London to stand out and be the
main focus. Just some yellow pearls for accent
and a witty sentiment and I'm done! 

I had to come up with a unique sentiment for
this card. This was the best I could manage
that I hadn't seen before.

Betty and Cheri/Graphicat both have both come up with
some really great sentiments that are perfect for all
the zombie images. Check out both of their sites to see
all the different zombie (and non-zombie) sentiments.

So, the big release is tomorrow and then all of the new
Summer Zombies are available for purchase!!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Zombie preview - Betty

Today's Summer Zombie sneak peek is...

Zombie Betty!!!!

So fun to make these zombies into
such sweet and colorful cards.
I usually make the hair on characters really
bright and nontraditional, but this time I flipped
the script a bit and made the skin really bright
and left the hair very normal colored. 

I had to throw in a brain, pink this time, and
use it as a center for my fleur. Such a fun accent
for these images.

I'll be back tomorrow for yet another 
Zombie sneak peek, before the long awaited
release on Friday at Simply Betty Stamps.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Zombie preview - Rio

Nothing says, "Summer fun", quite
like the stench of rotting flesh in the hot sun.

That being said, I have a great card to share with you

This week is full of sneak peeks at the new
Summer Zombie line

This is Zombie Rio.
How cute is she just relaxing in the sun,
sipping on a cocktail with a tiny brain garnish?!
Too cute!
These new images are great fun to create with
and not just limited to teen cards.
Everyone loves a zombie!!

I'll be back with more peeks later this week!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zombie Invasion

Yup, that's right.
There's a zombie invasion going on over at

This is one of my very favorite zombified characters
from the Zombie line at Simply Betty Stamps.
This is Christian.

I really love the whole black and white image
with a touch of color. I have used red and pink 
as the accent color before, but really love the 
horror feel with the lime green accent.

I also used some brains that I originally made at the
behest  of our fearless leader, Betty.
The whole idea kinda took on a life of it's own and
now I am offering these brains for sale at my Etsy shoppe
to use on all of your zombie themed craft projects. 

Please join in on the zombiliciousness going on over
at the SBS challenge blog, and maybe even win some
killer zombie images of your very own.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - HDH085 Gothic Pin-up

This week's Wicked Wednesday offering is for
the Gothic Pin-up challenge
at Haunted Design House
sponsored by Tiddly Inks. 

I chose to create with "Wicked Fun".
I guess that I am pretty predictable since Donna
said she figured I'd pick this one.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a chick with horns! 

I decided to go with a non-traditional fire color scheme,
and chose purples instead of reds.
Besides, Donna kinda beat me to it this week with her fiery red
card on Monday and the naughty underwear sentiment.
I used a Tiddly Inks freebie sentiment from their
Paper Craft Planet group from a while back.

Please join us this week at HDH and maybe you will be the
lucky weiner of a $10 gift certificate to the
Tiddly Inks digi store.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BWAINZZZZZ!!! and some Zombie WIPs

Zombie Apocalypse
 is this week's challenge theme
Zombies. Easy. Done! My area of personal expertise if I dare.
This is my challenge. I'm all over it.
And I sit, and I continue to sit some more and I ponder
the possibilities of this challenge. Do I use a digital image
or do I use one of the new SBS Zombies? Do I even make
a card, or should I sculpt something? Yes, clay that's good.
Now what to sculpt? A whole Zombie? I'd like to add that this
internal conversation was happening at like 2AM on Wednesday.
An entire Zombie sculpt is not going to happen. The pressure 
really kicks in when I see what fellow DT member, Lynx made.
Really? And I'm supposed to be the Zombie girl?
I conceded a few times, but finally went with what I am
currently working on anyway.

I give you...

These are about the size of a quarter and are flat enough to
use on paper crafts. 
They are perfect as cabochons or for use on other crafts.
I picture these on a trinket box in leui of rhinstones or
a cameo.
Hmmm... the seed was just planted.

These two were some prototypes with bites taken out.
I made some that actually do glow in the dark,
and I also made some as pendants too.

Check my Etsy shoppe for these brains and some
larger, more detailed sTeAmPunKiNs in the coming days.  

And here is a project I have been dying to get to for weeks!

I have taken these sweet, resin cherubs
and transformed them a bit.

Can you see where this is going?
I plan to make them in to magnets and or lapel pins.
Stay tuned... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - Zombie Apocalypse in pictures

So my Macabre Monday project did not go as planned.
I am working on another "something", but wanted to 
bring you some Kitty Zombie Lovin' to keep you 
satisfied until I complete, said project. 

This concludes my Wicked Wednesday offering.
Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with a real,
CreepyG original zombie creation.
I will try not to crumble under the pressure to create something
truly amazing. I'll try, but I kinda think that was my downfall
the first time around. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say it with fleurs

Today is my first time ever using a new Penny Black
stamp that has been collecting dust much too long.

This image is called, "Acrobat..."
I was going to darken it a bit and focus on the
spider web and add spiders and more webs, but
I am feeling a bit "spring-ish" and wanted to play nice
again today.
I am going to enter this card in the "Say it with Flowers" challenge

This little hedgehog is just too darn cute
and I don't mind adding him to my
stash of "Is this appropriate for Grandma?"
cards. Most of my stuff is not for Grandma.

Do not fear! I will be back tomorrow with something 
really nasty and zombified to redeem myself of all of this

Monday, April 11, 2011

Imelda May is the shiznit!

A quick WHACK of cuteness

Just a quick post today to celebrate
The Wisteria in my backyard was pretty much the
clincher for me when we were going to buy this house.

It pretty much covers the entire back patio.
Aside from all of the GIANT, black, bumble bees,
it's where I like to spend my spare time.

Sometimes even the undead like to bask in
the sun and despite the stench of heated decay,
zombies even enjoy doing some light yard work.

So, before I amble out to the yard, I would like to
leave you with something so sweet it'll make your 
teeth hurt.

This is "Lolli-Anya".
So bleepin' ca-yoot!

I have had this image in rubber for over a year.
Shame. Shame. I know.
I'm glad I finally inked her up and made her
into a spring inspired card for this week's
WOW Farm Fresh challenge at TGF.
I miss coloring Anyas. So much space to really blend
and show shading properly.
Too cute! Gotta appease the masses every so often.

Don't worry, I'll be back on Wednesday with something
nice and sick for this week's
Macabre Monday challenge at Haunted Design House.

WTF? I'm outta storage for my photos?

Sorry, can't upload any photos to my post
since I have apparently run out of space?!

Anyone know how to get around this?
I've already deleted a bunch of files off of my Picasa
account, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Zombies have arrived!!

No, the great and imminent Zombie apocalypse
hasn't begun (yet), but the new line of Zombies are
available at Simply Betty Stamps!!

There is also an "All about Rio" challenge
going on at Simply Betty Challenges too! 

This is Zombie Rio. She is just one of the SIX new
designs at SBS. They just keep getting better too!

She is so sweet and demure with her books and
smart little specs. You could probably get away with
using this image on a more mainstream card, not just 
a card for a teenager who likes Zombies.

Betty has also come up with some cute sentiments
which compliment the images perfectly. 

Some major destashing going on right here.
Those nautical star brads are way old and I have
a bit of a surplus of that black netted weave ribbon.
I am the first to admit I have some massive issues,
and shopping and hoarding are just two of them.

Man, I need to start that art journal.
I can feel a catharsis coming on. 
I will warn you now, it won't be for the
weak of heart or stomach.

Pop on by SBStamps for the new images
and then stop by SBChallenges to
play along and win some free images.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Kenny K Krush and a Bugaboo boy

Last year I entered the Kenny K "Name that Kitten" contest,
and one of my name submissions, Cheyenne, was a winner.
I received that image plus two more of my choosing. 
I chose my former flame, Mae Western, and my new
sexy lady crush, Harley Ryder.

Tell me this chick isn't hott as all get out!

Once I colored her suit and her face, she was gorgeous.,
But when I finished that bad ass 80's Rocker chick hair,
Miss Harley Ryder was/is my new Kenny K krush.
I am entering her (um, ewww) in the Pretty in Pink challenge
at Kenny K this week.  

Next up is an image I have been wanting to create
with for quite some time.
This is Deacon Cupcake from Bugaboo Stamps.

Too cute with his gothy, little self!
I did try and butch the card up a bit 
since most all of my nephews are now
moody, sullen, angst ridden, teenagers.
Cute doesn't score points with them anymore.  

I absolutely LOVE this postmark stamp.
It's from an awesome company, Leavenworth Jackson.
I popped one of my Glow Skullz (which can be purchased 
on my Etsy site) in the center to finish it off.
I am entering this card in the Bugaboo challenge
this week for Anything Goes

I'll be back later with an awesome ZOMBIE creation!!  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Stitchy Bear and some Sparkle too!

One of my goals this year is to "destash" some
of my hoarded crafting products. I have been
trying to include at least one hoarded bit on
every project I make. So far so good.

This is another card I made using one of the silhouette images from
the "Dem Bones" digi set from this week's HDH challenge sponsor,

This key is my destash for this card. It is an awesome
wood cut out from Pork Chop Show on Etsy.
I've got some really creepy baby doll eye cut outs from him
also, I just haven't been able to fit them into a project yet. 

I used another of the Dem Bones images for
a masculine, yet fancy, card.
Yes, I know the ribbon is crooked. I fixed it,
but didn't bother to retake the pictures.
The weird bat brad is the destash here.

Now for some Sparkle.

I have had this Sparkle Creations image for quite
a while and I was so inspired by this week's Sparkle challenge
that I am entering this card in the "Neutrals with a Splash of Color"
This is "Cruisin' Chloe". LOVE the VW Bugg!!
I went with shades of brown and then some pinks
for my splashes of color.
The ribbon is the destash on this one. Very vintage-ish.
And that paper is tres old. Were talking the Dollar Tree
circa 2005 maybe? It's old, but a perfect match with the image.
Since this is also a birthday card, I am going to enter it in this
week's Birthday Sundaes challenge of "Anything Goes".