Sunday, December 6, 2009

Macabre Monday "Witchie Woman"

Here is my submission for Barb's latest challenge over at Haunted Design House.

The theme was "Witchie Woman", and immediately Stevie Nicks popped into my head. I've been a fan since the early eighties and have always heard rumor of the beloved Stevie being a witch and that she made a deal with the devil for her fame as her voice has been a bit suspect by some.
No matter to me, Stevie has always had a bit of a witchy mystique that I have admired and even wanted to emulate in my younger years.
This little page might be a nice addition to my "Scrapbook of Me", that I plan to make some day.

  I wanted to add this little song snippet from the Eagles song cause I thought it was fitting ('cept for the raven hair part).