Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm ready for Fall

I am so ready for Fall to begin.
I have been working on Hallowe'en schtuff all year, and now
I am ready for the weather to reflect the season.
It's supposed to be 99 degrees here tomorrow.
Boo. Hiss.
The challenge is Fall is in the air at Dilly Beans this week.

I decided to rebel against the weather and make a fall inspired
Hallowe'en card using #461 Halloween Skellie framed.
He is available at Dilly Beans Digi Stamps.
Okay, now I feel a little better.  
THIS makes me feel alot better though.

Yup! It's a Zombie Flamingo creepy lawn ornament!!!
One of my dearest friends picked it up for me at the Spirit Halloween store.
I have yet to check out Spirit this year. It has been kind of a disappointment the
last few years, so I may just skip it.
This Zombie flamingo is awesome, but the damn sticks that they provide
and the stupidly shallow holes for them to fit into, really irk me!!!
I ended up modifying him to accommodate a single stick right up the center.
Works better, but it sucks that they are selling them like this in the first place.
But, I am glad that they are selling these instead of the black ones with a stenciled
skeleton on the side. This is way cooler, although I did want the skellie ones
when I first saw them years ago.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Screamin' Me Me in chains!!!

This week the challenge theme at HDH is
"Chain me up, Chain me down".
Incorporate chains into your project .
I chose to work with a favorite image from
Rick St. Dennis (Uncle Rick) called,
"Screaming Me Me".  

I made an ATC using chains to imprison my little fiend, here.
I fussy cut MeMe, and then added him to a Stickled and embossed spider web.
I opened the links of the chain and put his little wrists in to make it official.
I added a little inspirational saying to convey hope.
I'm nice like that.
Drop by Haunted Design House and see what else the Minions have
chained up (or down) for this week's challenge.
And now for something completely different.
I love to garden. I hate to pull weeds, but I love sit out back on the patio
and enjoy the blooms and hummingbirds that fly in for a quick drink at the feeder. 
This is an asparagus fern. I have had it for quite a few years,
and never knew it could flower.

I think the coolest part is that it flowers off the tips of the leaves/needles.
So cool!

What kind of a Gloria would I be, if I didn't have some Morning Glories?

I used an old wire etagere (over the toilet shelf) from the bathroom and sunk it into the
flower bed for a homemade trellis for the glories. I think they like it. 

Our fruit trees were so overloaded with fruit this year. We still have some
pluots (Pluots= plum/apricot hybrids) on the limbs that will serve as varmint food.
Our orange tree is covered in oranges, too! Looks like I'll be stuffing the turkey with
citrus fruit this year.
Lastly, this photo marks my triumph over those damned web worms!!
I hate those little effers!!!!!  They were eating my blooms before the flowers ever had
a chance to unfurl their striped beauty!
Die worms! Die!!!
Thanks for dropping by today and taking a look at my garden and my ATC.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Circus ATCs

The theme this week over at Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge is
I was completely stumped for circus images, so I opted for
some vintage google images instead.
I love the afro/lion's mane this strong man is sportin'.

This one reminded me of Jenn, and her excitement for her upcoming
tattoo appointment.
LOVE the tattooed ladies!!
I scribbled on this one a bit with a white gel pen and some Stickles.
I backed it onto a Tim Holtz ATC sized embossing folder of a ticket.
Very cool.
Super duper busy today!
Gotta run! Or walk briskly, in my case.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'll admit it.

Okay, I'll just admit it. I am smitten with Rick St. Dennis' images.
I can't help it. He has the most amazingly drawn digital images.
But mainly, I am drawn to his Hallowe'en designs, and now he has some incredibly
wicked Christmas characters that are to die for!
I just picked up 5 new images today, so keep an eye out for some amazing
RSD eye candy colored by yours truly. 
Say hello to my little fiend, "Dear Aunt Spidey".
Isn't she delightful? 
I colored her with Copics and tried to keep her nice and bright.
In retrospect, I should have used the fluorescent purple as well.
Might have made her a bit more radioactive looking.
I used various webbed papers and a EK web punch in keeping
with the spidery theme. 

Finally, I added some orange rhinestones along the border and
in the center of the main web.
for some awesome designs for the coming holidaze!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Can you feel that?

Oh yeah, it's starting to feel a little bit like fall!
I am so ready for this summer to be over and for the
holiday season to begin!
The new challenge over at Dilly Beans this week is,
Perfect! What better way to welcome the falling leaves and
crisp snap in the air, than with a fall inspired project?
I am very happy with the overall color and feel of this card.
I created my own background paper with some stamps and
embossing powders over an existing paper design.
I like it!
(said in my best Chevy Chase impression)

I chose to work with #431 Anna framed.
She is gorgeous!

 With the addition of some orange and red skeleton leaves
and some rhinestone bling, this baby is done. I really wanted the
image to be the main focus, so I kept it overall, pretty simple.
Stop by the Dilly Beans shop to see what unique and versatile images
Megan has available. She has a fabulous selection of images. 
And then, check out the Dilly Beans challenge blog
and see the fall inspired creations by the design team.  
Who knows? You may even want to play along!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Such a sucker

That's right, I'll admit it.
 I am a sucker for a cute face. Total sucker if that face is fuzzy.
I have been collecting 2 Cute Ink's images for a while now.
I started off with a couple of sting rays, and then a bunny, and then
came the little monster digis. Oh yeah, a cute and fuzzy monster!!
Oddly enough, I am using the current (for a very short time) freebie
available over at 2 Cute Ink's challenge blog. Only odd, since I have
so many to choose from, but not odd since it's an adorable bat with candy corns!!
The challenge is to use black, orange, and purple on your project, along with a 2 Cute Ink image. Extra points for using the freebie image, which is awesome!! 

Sooo cute!! Gave me an opportunity to use some of my cuter, DCWV
Hallowe'en themed paper. I have amassed quite a varied selection of Hallowe'en papers
to choose from. Right now I am really into last year's apothecary themed papers
for my more vintage and macabre creations. Still popular in my book! 
I used some black netted bag (plastic skulls from Mike's were in it) that I cut up, and
added to the oval layers for a little texture. Simple, but effective.
You really should drop by the 2 Cute Ink's shop and see what adorableness Heidi has for purchase. Then, stop by the challenge blog to pick up the freebie to play along in the challenge. It really is 2 easy to play along!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I'm melting.....!!!"

This week at HDH we are drawing our inspiration from
melted wax, candles, witches, melted flesh. Any type of
Halloween/Gothic themed melted musings will do just fine.  
I opted for a pictorial tutorial of some glue gun candle props.
Step 1:
First step is to gather your materials.
You will need a high temp glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks.
Empty paper towel tubes and/or toilet paper rolls.  

While the glue gun was warming up, I ripped the tubes to a desired
shape and height to mimic melted candles. 

Once the glue gun is warmed and ready, start covering the tube with glue.
Be very careful not to burn yourself and work over a protected, heat resistant

I will be very honest at this point, and state that each fake candle takes
about 4 or 5 glue sticks EACH, to cover it to this stage. If you like the waxy look
of the glue you may want to keep adding glue until the tube is completely
covered. Once the glue hardens, it appears more opaque and wax-like.
I usually prefer to stop at this stage.  

Since I am running a bit low on glue sticks, I decided to take the next step and
paint each candle with white acrylic paint. The first time I saw this craft, it included
this step, but I haven't gone this far before. I'm figuring it just needs a base coat. 
Be sure to paint the inside of the tube as well.

After a single base coat of white, I then add multiple coats of fluorescent
green and yellow acrylic paint. My son walks in and says, "Ya know when you go to those run down carnivals and you go on the Haunted House ride? Your candles look
like the hokey black light stuff they have in there".  
Thank you!! That is EXACTLY the look I was going for!!
Perfectly heinous, low budget, haunted house props!!!
Oh, and I slathered on a healthy dose of glow in the dark paint too!!
I found my real fake tealights (not those weak ass Hello Kitty ones)
and they work excellent!!
I am quite pleased with my melted musings this week.
Drop by HDH and check out what else the Minions conjured up
for this week's challenge.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mister Roboto

Due to some recent, unforeseen tragedies, I have been unable to focus
on my blogging duties. When life tests you, it just doesn't let up!!
Positive thoughts. Rainbows and puppies. Whatever.
the challenge this week at Dilly Beans is ROBOTS!!
Megan has some wonderful new robot images available in her shop
and the DT just couldn't wait to color them up this week!
I have had this cute Recollections paper for quite a while.
It is perfect for this robot themed card.
I used #441 Sprockets Heart image.
Really great image for a masculine card. I have the hardest time with those.

I also finally got to use a sentiment stamp from a Robot set
I have had for years. Looks like I can finally make good use of them now.
Drop by the Dilly Beans challenges blog and get inspired to play long!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh My Gourd!!!!

Well, another Wednesday has crept up on me, and caught me a little behind.
Nothing has gone as planned this week, especially my gourd project.
With it still being a little early in the season for pumpkins, I decided to use
a faux pumpkin for my project. I've had some for a few years and never got
around to actually carving them, but the monkeys at Mike's do it every year
for their check out counter lights and displays, so how hard can it be?
I watched a few videos with helpful hints and tips for a successful
fake pumpkin carving experience. I decided the easiest and fastest  
way was to use a Dremel. I think the key here is to use the correct bit.
I did not use the correct bit. I gave up immediately after the incorrect bit caught the
foam of the pumpkin and ripped a big plug of faux punkin foam out of my design.
Boo on power tools.
I ended up using the little saw they provide in the kit, a nail file, an X-acto knife,
a bastard file, and finally a rat tail file. Now doesn't all that sound so much easier
than carving a real pumpkin?!
No, no it doesn't.  
The actual kit is quite simple to use on the pumpkin once you have
carved it to your liking. Or to your disliking. I went with a very simple
design even though I really wanted to show off like Donna and Lady B.
They both went in the professionally finished and insanely detailed route,
which worked for them quite nicely.
I hung my pumpkin rather high so the neighborhood delinquents would have to
work really hard to give this guy a roundhouse kick or use it as a punching bag.
Don't even tempt them...     

And then the piece de resistance, I didn't have a freaking fake tea light
on hand except for a purple Hello Kitty one that was pretty weak.
Anyhoo, the Floating Pumpkin kit is pretty cool and would be great if
you hung a bunch in a display or from your trees. Very simple to use
and gives a great effect to your Hallowe'en displays.   
Since I wasn't feeling I had performed to my full potential this week,
I made an ATC using Andrea's awesome pumpkin digi and
few weeks ago. I used a Memory Box "Spooky collage" stamp
over the Copic colored pumpkin and added some distress inks,
a sticker, and a couple of rhinestones to finish it off. 
I may have redeemed myself.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A wet nap in a shit storm

This past week has been a real shit storm.
Most of which I created, but it was a necessary evil.
That being said, I received some wonderful gifts that were
like a moist towelette in this crap fest going on.
They made a clean spot on my soul, that is for sure.
I needed that.
I was fortunate enough to have recently won this awesome Zombie clock

Coolest freaking clock ever!!!! I loves it!! 

I also had the pleasure of receiving this gorgeous paper bag book from
the always inspiring Nancy of Another MD Crabbie fame.  

I have always been a huge fan of Nancy's style and her inspiring
aged and distressed, dimensional projects. 

This little card can be removed so I can use all of the awesome supplies
like the pins, ball chain, ric rac, ribbon etc.. So cool!!

This card pulls out to reveal a zippered pouch chock full of
dimensional bits and bobs!!!
Basically, this is a Nancy craft kit. I LOVE it!!!

There is even another pocket on the back, full of dingle ball ribbon!
I loves dingle balls! Tee hee!!   

Even the back is decorated beautifully. Talk about details!!
A really stunning piece of art and a cherished gift.
Thank you, Nancy!! 

My friend came over to distract me from my deeds,
and dragged me to the local thrift store where I found this!!! 

I had this as a child and I LOVED this Avon perfumed pin!!
I know I made an audible squeal (something I don't usually do in public)
when I found this little gem in it's original box from ...1972!!
The stank perfume was still intact and untouched. I shudder to think I ran around
smelling like this, but it was probably better than my regular little kid stink.
Sometimes it's the littlest things.... 
And now for a little bitching session. 
I have hit a wall of funk in my paper crafting and have had enough of
talentless hacks stealing hardworking, brilliant authentic artist's works,
for their own personal profit and fame.
Papelitos Stamps is the culprit this time. Cris sold hundreds of stolen images
on her Etsy site and duped me and my friends into creating with the stolen goods as part of her design team. I had a bad taste in mouth over her "diverse styles" of images on her site,
so I reverse image searched her images on Google, and found numerous artists
linked to said images. I contacted the original artists and alerted them to the theft of their artwork. The ones I did hear back from (there were many) were shocked and pissed to say the least. Everyone denied giving permission to this douche to use or sell their images.
Unfortunately, I was not surprised, but rather disappointed as I had given Cris plenty of
chances to come clean. Only thing worse than a thief is a liar.
I have a zero tolerance policy for untruths. 
Now I feel as though I have wasted so much of my precious mojo on her projects.
I don't feel like creating anything digi related at all. 
I will shake off this funk and come out swingin'!
You have been warned.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zombie Strippers are awesome!!!

I am alive, but still a bit "off". Okay a little more "off" than usual.
But I did manage to actually produce something for this week's HDH challenge.
Bare Bones - no bumpy embellishments or dimensional creations this week.
More along the lines of a clean and simple, but cleanliness is not
really in my repertoire.
I went with a tag this week, featuring an insane image from
Rick St. Dennis. I was inspired to create a tag after watching a Stamp-tember tutorial
by Tim Holtz. It was perfect for this "non-dimensional" challenge, and it gave me
a reason to use some new stamps and more of my unused Ranger products. 

Who doesn't need/love a Zombie Stripper image?!!!
Isn't she just wonderfully wretched?!
I have a few RSD digis from last years designs, but he has come out
with so many new and horribly twisted Hallowe'en themed images this season.
I picked up a few more, with plenty still on my wish list.
He is a fabulous artist and just recently had a DT call on his blog.
Congrats to our own Croms, for her recent DT spot!!!
Check out her blog see what she created to really wow Mister St. Dennis.
I intentionally left off the seam binding ribbon at the top
for this photo. I didn't want any real dimension at all on this tag.
Rules is rules!
I had fun using Distress Inks to create my tag background, and adding
lots of strange and awesome stamps that I have been collecting for years.
I love all of the (non dimensional) layers and overall dirtiness of it. 
There is still plenty of time to come up with something flat, but not boring,
for our Bare Bones challenge.
Deadline is Sunday the 9th, at 3PM CST.
I am blissfully up to my neck in custom orders for Hallowe'en
and even Xmas right now. I've done a couple Zombie wedding cake toppers (one was featured on, and I am currently working on a Zombie Batman and a
life-size Zombie hand for a cake topper. Not to mention brains, ghosts, bats
and candy corns!! If my posts are sparse, this is why.
It's a good thing.