Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monsters in Love

Through a dear friend, I met a really cool guy, named Chuck.
Chuck makes masks, and busts, and other neat horror-themed schtuff for his
own cool company.
Chuck just got married to a super cool ghoul, named Amanda. 
They were married on Friday, December 13, 2013, which is quite cool , 
but they made it even more badass by getting  hitched on the property of
the Phantasm House! Not only the house where Phantasm was filmed, but
Burnt Offerings was also filmed there! Way cool, right?
So, what kind of card do you make some wickedly cool kids like that?

How about this one?

I chose a good still from The Bride of Frankenstein, and added a
neat sentiment that I found on the interwebs. I overlayed, and adjusted
 the verbiage using Gimp.  

This is my favorite part. 
I used some TH grunge board for the #13,
and added rock candy crackle paint to it. Once it was dry, I used my
finger to apply silver and green metallic rubs to bring out the
marvelous texture. I added some rub to the plastic spider, too.
I dripped some red reinker onto a white paper rose to give a bloody
feeling to the whole piece.

I also made them a couple of Skullflake ornaments for their tree this year.

Check out those sparkly sockets!

I'm sending it all out (finally) this week. Hope they like it.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A friend in need...

Through the magic of Face book, I have gotten reacquainted with
some folks from my high school (and even junior high) days.
One such friend I have thought about through the years, always 
wondering how she was doing. If she was still with that jerk from high school,
any kids, whatever. Well, my dear friend Alison found me on fb,
and we have been getting caught up and getting to know one another again.
Through this time, my dear friend has been having a run of bad luck. 
Stuff getting stolen, looking for a new job, etc... Then, the unthinkable happened.
Someone kicked down her front door and robbed her home. 
Luckily, she wasn't home, and her dogs weren't hurt, but damn! Really?

So, feeling helpless to help her and her husband, I made a card.
It's what I do.

I used "Gobsmack" from Sweet November Stamps, and
a very fitting sentiment from Ginger's House.

My friend and her husband really appreciated the card and the thought behind it.
Sometimes it's the littlest things that make a big difference.

Make a card for someone today!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scary Fairy

The current challenge over at HDH is
Frightening Fairies.
Pick a fairy, and make it creepy. Simple enough, right?
I was thinking a rogue Tooth Fairy who starts
pulling kid's teeth herself. With some rusty pliers.
But that didn't pan out, so I went a simpler route.

This is my "Death's Touch Fairy".
Whatever flora he touches, dies in seconds.
Kind of a harbinger of death for the flowers.

I started off with a cheesy plastic skeleton from Mike's.
I roughly painted him black, and heated his joints to make them pliable so 
I could bend them into a sitting position. I fashioned raggedy wings from
kraft glassine, distressed them, and attached them to the fairy's back. 

I colored a paper rose using the same colors of Dylusions sprays that I used
on the TH Tattered Flower, sitting atop some sphagnum moss in the bottom of
this recycled candle jar. Lastly, I added some crushed glass glitter to the center
of the Tattered Flower for some sparkle.   

That's my scary fairy.
Now show me yours!!!
Enter your Frightening Fairy over at HDH, here.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts and Love at Dilly Beans

I had taken a bit of a break with Dilly Beans, but I'm back!
I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to create with 
Megan's wonderfully quirky images. They lend themselves to
so many occasions, color schemes, and level of crafter. 

The theme for the start of this (now) bi-weekly challenge is

Now, you know I don't go in the for the really lovey-dovey schtuff,
so I created a sweet tag using #579 Frankie and his Bride.
I thought it depicted true love, no matter the state of decay.
How sweet. Makes my black heart tremble, ever so slightly.  

Ahhh, the sweet couple!
I colored them up with Copics, and embellished their eyes with
Glossy Accents. I used my tiny attacher to attach the eyeball ribbon to
the side of the tag. I am so glad I have that handy attacher/stapler.  

I stamped a sentiment from Paper Make-up Stamps
and a cling eyeball stamp from parts unknown.  
I also used my Goosebumps for the first time. It gives a cool,
almost toad-like texture to the project. Nice! I'll be using it
again very soon! Me likey. 

Lastly, I ran some neat, purple ribbon through the tag.
I can't believe I've never used it before, it's so nice to
work with.

That's it for me today.
If you want to see more Dilly Bean creations, please drop by
the challenge blog here. And did you know that Dilly Beans has
a face book page? Check it out here

Keep it creepy!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just a quickie or two

Since getting our new puppy, I have found it hard to locate
my mojo. I need to keep checking on him to make sure he isn't
getting into trouble or peeing in the house. He's pretty much potty trained, but
he still tries to eat everything he comes in contact with! 
That's another post, for another day... 

I have made a few things that haven't been posted yet, like
this cool, Steampunk-ish tag. This was so much fun to make! 

Got this great stamp from Pink Flamingo on Etsy.
It's called, "Otto's Sweet Ride", by  Brian Kesinger.

I added a few TH stamps and some random cling stamps. Then, I felt
the need for TH washi tape. Finished it off with the metal wings,
colored with alcohol inks, and the compass brad in the middle. 
I should totally do this more often. I really like the style of it. 
Whatever that style is.

I was also in the mood to alter something. I used this cardboard tray that 
our neighbor used to give us holiday cookies. 
Hope she wasn't expecting it to be returned to her.    

The first step was to get rid of this festive holiday brightness.
Only seemed like black gesso would do the trick. I love that it covers in
pretty much one coat. 

See? Looking better already! 

And now the decorating has begun!
I raided my collage scraps stash and came up with some cool bits.
I applied them with matte medium, and then used another coat to seal everything.

Here's a cute Nosferatu image from the interwebs, along with some die cuts and TH rub-ons.
I also added the nautical star brad for fun and a punch of color. 

Here's the matching version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon,
along with another rub-on and another Pink Flamingo stamp, stamped
onto an old dictionary page.

I have decided to use this to hold all the digis I currently am trying to color,
or want to color in the very near future. I always print out my new digis
right after I buy them, so I don't forget I have them. Lucky for me, my
husband's work printer uses the same inks as my home printer. I'm almost
guaranteed to never run out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep it Creepy!!!   

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anti-Valentine from Aurora Wings

So, I have some good news....

I have been asked to be a member of the design team for the new
How cool is that?!
I love Mitzi's artwork, and her images are a dream to work with.
I am so honored to be invited to play alongside some incredibly
talented ladies. I mean, reeeeeeally talented.
Check out the new blog site and see who I'm talking about.
The challenges will fire up in March, so start practicing your coloring, now.

I got a chance to create a fun Anti-Valentine card, using one of Mitzi's
beautiful images called, "Anti-Valentine Girl with Nekomimi"

She's a doll, isn't she? I just adore those rosebud lips!
And those eyes! Mitzi has such a way with eyes.
So feisty, and so gorgeous!!

And I got to use one of these cool girly skull brads I've been hoarding forever!
I used the Sweet and Toxic sentiment from the Greeting Farm set of the same name.

Thanks for dropping by! 

And remember: KEEP IT CREEPY!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Final Kick Start Your Art journal page Day 7

Today's final theme for the Smeared and Smudged 
art journal challenge is
Easy Water Blotting Background.
Since I love using my Dylusion Inks, this was a really fun and easy challenge.

I started off with red, yellow, and orange spray inks. 
I tried using a flame stencil with water to remove the inks,
but I guess the stencil was too detailed to show up very well.

Since the flames didn't really pan out, I just sprayed some 
water in my hand and then flicked it on the page.

After I flicked water, I used a roll of paper towels to blot up the excess
and remove the inks.

This is "Gobsmack" from Sweet November Stamps.
I LOVE this little guy!!! 

My son is currently dying a slow death in his Algebra class,
so I thought this was both, timely and fitting.

Well, that's it for me and my art journal this week.
Thanks for dropping by.

Keep it creepy!!!    

Rotten to the core

This week at Haunted Design House the theme is
Been there, done that.

I decided to make a heart shaped ornament using burlap.
I cut heart shapes out of burlap and then "glued" them together
using pearl mica flake compound. It gave the heart a nice solid
center to adhere my goodies onto. Plus it made for a cool
glittery center when dry. Win, win!

I colored up this awesome Grotesque Cupid from 
I fussy cut him out and then I clear embossed him a couple of times
for added strength and shininess. 

After embossing and before gluing him and his polar opposite brother into place,
I added some chip board flourishes in the background for more interest and sparkle.
I added some red foil embossing powder onto the existing silver glitter to make it stand out. 

Lastly, I ran some TH tinsel twine through a eyelet, to hang my heart ornie.

Drop by HDH to check out the other Minion samples and 
enter to win some killer Delicious Darkness images of your
very own!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kick Start Your Art Day 6

Today's Smeared and Smudged Kick Start Your Art theme is:

I may have gone a little overboard here....

Not terribly cohesive, but it is highly textural.

I used Dylusions on the background, along with a few stencils that are
no longer visible. I finally used modeling paste and a stencil. I have been meaning
to try this technique, and now I love it! 
The poison ticket has been dipped in extra thick embossing powder for a slick finish.

Used this specimen tag left over from another project. 

More modeling paste and TH shattered stencil.
I attached some tulle to the back of the tag and then melted it
a bit with a heat gun. 

Attached a wooden key, and then splattered black, brown, and white
Dylusions inks everywhere to try and pull it all together. 

Added some TH tinsel twine for more texture and interest.

And finally, I attached a scrap of burlap to the bottom for one last blast of 

Tomorrow is the final day of this really fun, yet challenging art journal challenge.
I have really enjoyed myself, and feel as though my art journaling skills have been
stretched and improved through this process.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you tomorrow!  

Kick Start Your Art Day 5

The week long art journal challenge at 
is almost over, and I'm going to miss the daily process.
I'd like to think I can keep it up on my own, but the reality is that
I probably won't. Hopefully, I can keep up on my blogging at least.

Today's prompt for Day 5 is
Use up some of my scraps you say? Sounds like a plan!

I started off by choosing various scraps of paper and some washi tape.
I glued everything down and then proceeded to jack it up with a bunch
of black gesso and TH crackle paints. I really thought I had ruined the entire
page. Not a happy camper at this point, but I kept on adding schtuff until it
started to look right again. 

I added some MS bat fence border, and a Spellbinders die cut.
That gave me a chance to cover up the offending blotches and have a base
for my central pieces to rest on.  

I paired a headstone from Rick St. Dennis, with a cute
Mini Morticia from Make it Crafty. Popped them up on 
dimensional foam for a bit of layering and interest.

A close-up of what I had hoped all of the crackle would look like.
Not the case, so I covered a bunch of it up with MS paper tape.

I got lucky and managed to salvage this train wreck before it ran completely
off the rails. I am rather pleased with how it turned out in the end.

See you tomorrow for Day 6!!