Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monsters in Love

Through a dear friend, I met a really cool guy, named Chuck.
Chuck makes masks, and busts, and other neat horror-themed schtuff for his
own cool company.
Chuck just got married to a super cool ghoul, named Amanda. 
They were married on Friday, December 13, 2013, which is quite cool , 
but they made it even more badass by getting  hitched on the property of
the Phantasm House! Not only the house where Phantasm was filmed, but
Burnt Offerings was also filmed there! Way cool, right?
So, what kind of card do you make some wickedly cool kids like that?

How about this one?

I chose a good still from The Bride of Frankenstein, and added a
neat sentiment that I found on the interwebs. I overlayed, and adjusted
 the verbiage using Gimp.  

This is my favorite part. 
I used some TH grunge board for the #13,
and added rock candy crackle paint to it. Once it was dry, I used my
finger to apply silver and green metallic rubs to bring out the
marvelous texture. I added some rub to the plastic spider, too.
I dripped some red reinker onto a white paper rose to give a bloody
feeling to the whole piece.

I also made them a couple of Skullflake ornaments for their tree this year.

Check out those sparkly sockets!

I'm sending it all out (finally) this week. Hope they like it.  


  1. Love love love these. The card is so unique and I always love your snowflake ornaments!

    Carol (Carol's Creations)

  2. FANTASTIC work. im sure the recipient is made up with this card. Popping in from the Aurura Wings blog directory. Hugs Tina xx now following

  3. I seriously love your style! The skulls are creepy awesome. You are so sweet with your comment on my Curiosities post! And there wasn't even a creepy thing in sight;)

  4. Superb job on the card, wowo! Down to the staples it is such a wonderful gift. I bet they loved it. Those ornaments rock! Love the glitz in the eyes and the material around those fab skellies.


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