Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't forget your lunchbox!!

All the smell and feel of a vintage lunch box...

I'm going to share yet another "collection "
(you say hoarder, I say collector) with you today.


First up are the most coveted of my collection,
The Sid and Marty Krofft lunchboxes!!

I think watching the Sid and Marty Krofft shows is my fondest
childhood memory. I even have the episodes on VHS.
I have a Lidsville box, an H.R. Pufnstuf, and my newest addition,
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.
Now I just need a Bugaloos and a Krofft! Supershow box to 
complete the set.  

The box on the left is from my favorite Disney cartoon,
Robin Hood.
I had the record as kid, so I know all the songs by heart.
"Robin Hood and Little John walking through the forest..."

The Disney box on the far right was my first lunchbox as a kid. 
I almost cried when I found it on eBay. I said almost!
Isn't it funny how you won't even slightly recall something
from your past until you see a picture of it somewhere? 
I think I saw all of my previous lunchboxes on eBay at one point.
Wags n' Whiskers is still on my wish list...

There on the bottom left is my Dark Crystal lunchbox.
It even has the thermos still intact.
The upper right is my cherished Buckwheat box. Otay!
Some of my boxes aren't "vintage", but they are still cool anyway.
Love me some sock monkeys, Willy Wonka and the
Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.    

Here is my homage to my Lord and Saviour,
Jim Henson.
The Kermit with the fangs is my original stuffed Kermit from 1980.
The Pigs in Space box is kinda covered by the Star Wars
Muppets action figures on the right. 

Here is my bookshelf which seems overloaded, and it is.
There are a couple of Hello Kitty boxes and a
Cheech and Chong lunchbox too.

Here are my tiny boxes:
The Munsters, The Gashlycrumb Tinies,
Wendy and Casper, Top Cat, and Snagglepuss.
Up top is my Lenore box and various vinyl toys.

More "collectibles", including my Toxic Toons vinyl figures,
my Little Apple Doll - Umbrae, and some Skelanimal goodies
including a lunchbox. 

I look at collecting as an investment for my son's future.
My son can't wait for me die so he can finally play with all
of "Mommy's toys".

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eye Adore You

I just can't get enough of these Dilly Bean Voodoo images!
They are perfect as a less than traditional V Day card
for all the angst ridden teens and weirdos in your life.  

I Stickled the heads of the pins and highlighted the pins
themselves using a Stardust Jelly Roll pen. 

I did some layering of a couple border punched trims and 
a cool sparkly spider tape.
The sentiment was a total no brainer. 

I would like to enter this in the

Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Dunny to love!!!

Don't worry, I spelled it right.

This is my newest Dunny.
I collected Dunny's a few years ago and just recently
started checking them out on eBay again.
These are a blind box collectible, vinyl toy.
Each Dunny has been designed by a current pop artist,
and then the boxes are unmarked, so you never know
which Dunny you will receive. Some are more rare than
others, some are a complete mystery, and some are insanely
collectible and high priced.
Gotta have my Tokidoki fix.
Did you notice the face on the wiener? So cute!! 

This is my Hannah Aitchison Tattoo series Dunny.
It was designed by Hannah (of LA Ink fame) and was
a CHASE which meant there were an unknown number

This is a Joe Ledbetter designed Gryphon Dunny.
Had to have it for my son, who's named Gryphon Hunter. 

This is DuPac/Hug Life, designed by Nico Berry.

Here they come little Spider Baby Boom guy
(from the designers of Ugly Dolls)!
And they look hungry....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Voodoo part deux

This was actually my first version of the cool
Voodoo Lady image from Kraftin' Kimmie.
Once I had her all colored, the map part of the 
Haunted Design House challenge didn't really work. 

I totally love this image! So cool!!!

I did struggle with what color to color her face.
I decided to go with a charcoal face and a white
mask like the Voodoo Priests in Nawlin's.

I think I ended up with more detail on the one I colored
with colored pencils. I'll keep them handy just in case I decide
to practice some more.

Wretched Wednesday - Get Lost!

I have been having a hard time focusing on the
task at hand lately.
Lots of life changing experiences hapening lately.
The dust has started to settle and the healing has
begun, so it's time for the big girl panties and let's
get back to business. 
I finally managed to create my Get Lost! project
for this week's Macabre Monday challenge.

As soon as I saw this Voodoo Lady image
I knew she would be mine. Yes, she would be mine... 

I took an Old World map I found on Google
and chopped it in half and distressed it. 

I used both halves to layer behind my main image.
I also made my own background paper with an
ancient clear stamp of a compass and some
Sepia Versamark, some clear embossing powder,
and some Stickles.

And then for my big "step out of my comfort zone",
I colored with watercolor pencils on kraft paper.
It was fun and different to use the pencils. It seemed to 
take longer, but the end result is pretty cool.
I need some more pencils, but I am not into the whole
Gammasol and baby oil blending, so it's cheapy
Coloray or Col-erase pencils for me!
There is still plenty of time to enter

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Um, I'm gonna need that back.

Just a quick post to show off a cool
Valentine's Day card I made using
the killer Bat-like Wings from Stampotique and
the creepy little Heart Monster from Dilly Beans.

I was asked to make a VDay card for a customer through Etsy.
She pulled various samples of my cards from my blog and
requested elements from each project.
I hope she likes this one.
If not, I will be listing it in my Etsy shop.  

I am really digging these fancy tags (#3) from Spellbinder.
They layer up really well with my other non Spellbinder dies.
I used a rubber stamp sentiment from Paper MakeUp,
who are now almost completely digital. They still have a decent
selection of deeply discounted rubber images to choose from
under their Specials tab though.   

When I received the Bat Wings from Stampotique,
I colored up like six pairs using different color schemes.
Now I think every image needs cool bat wings!
The Heart Monster from Dilly Beans looks fabulous
sporting the red pair of wings. And a bit of a bloody face too!  

More die cut mania with vintage silver wallpaper moon and skull border.
The MS bat fence punch is a favorite of mine. 
I added some half pearls and some Stickles for a little
manly tolerable bling.

"You have stolen my heart" on the outside,
"Um, I'm gonna need that back" on the inside.

I like it, but I hope this is what my customer had in mind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wretched Wednesday - Chic Freak

It is Wretched Wednesday!!
Are you ready to get your freak on?!

Now I can remember the very first time I set
my eyes upon a Daniel Torrente image.
I can distinctly recall thinking happily, that someone had
finally tapped into the alternative, unique, not so cute,
slightly creepy, vein of rubber stamps.
Stampotique is still one of my very favorite
stamp companies to this day, with Daniel's
images at the top of my must have list.

This week's sponsor for Macabre Monday
is none other than

The challenge this week is
Chic Freaks.

I started off with the awesome and versatile Bat Like Wings
stamp and my favorite little bat buddy, Batboy.
I altered him a bit by chopping off his usual party hat
and adding those killer wings.

I used some die cuts and cool word art
Topped it all off with some rhinestones, and voila!
He's chic and a freak!!

But I'm not done yet!

This is my new favorite image called simply,
3 Smiles.

I decided to do some clean and simple cards
using Distress inks to "color" the faces.

I went over the eyes and the smiles with VersaMark
and then clear embossed to keep them white.

Then I used TH Distress Inks in various colors and some 
sponge daubers to blend the colors together.
I left them blank until I need them for a specific reason
or occassion. It's good to have blank cards on hand.

I had a blast (as usual) creating with the awesome stamps

Rise to this week's Macabre Monday challenge
at Haunted Design House
and maybe you'll be the lucky winner of a $30 gift certificate!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will the "fun" ever stop?!

Have you ever had a bad haircut?
I mean a really bad haircut, where your entire week
is ruined?
Well, I received such a horrendous haircut that my entire
month (possibly the next two) is gonna suck.
Unless I break every mirror I see before it sees me.
Really, it's THAT bad.
Think 1970's gypsy/shag cut,  mixed with some 1990's
Joan Jett and throw in a little more lesbian flavor and you
have my once beautiful tresses today.
Too bad tears can't make your hair grow back faster.
I tried.

I really needed some cheering up today, and when I went to the
mailbox (with a bandanna on) I received some joy in the form of
little mini critters !!!

It was a good thing no one was home when I opened my packages.
I was talking the forbidden baby talk to these guys.
Sorry, couldn't be helped.
I mean, c'mon look at them!

First up is a baby pink bat and matching ATC from
Twistyfishies on Etsy.  

Also from Twistyfishies, is this adorable
amigurumi purple buglet.
He and the bat are only 1 1/2" tall!
So fricken cute!!!!

And then we have this felted "Loveable Troll",
from Tracey at "If U Go Down to the Woods" on Etsy. 
Golden Rodney as I have named him, is barely 2" tall!
I love his pose - like he just dropped something very breakable!

Now if I can keep getting cool, cute schtuff in the mail everyday,
I just might have a reason to get up in the morning.

What doesn't kill us - makes stew out of what's left. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Way Late Wretched Wednesday - Metal Mania!!

I am interrupting my crappy life to bring you this post.
I need the distraction.

This week's Haunted Design House challenge is
Metal Mania!!
Use metal or something metal-like on your project.

I went literal and used metal embellishments for this one.

I finally used the bat Nesties that I just had to have well over
a year ago. I die cut some cool black leather-like paper and
then layered a smaller bat cut from metal mesh on top.
I used staples to adhere the mesh and then covered them with
my main image.

I layered up a few die cut tags and then stamped the sentiment
using a Paper Make-Up stamp. I also destashed this weird
metal bat-like brad. It works, I guess.

I used this great Jasmine Becket-Griffith image called,
Bat Wings.
I also managed to add Stickles to almost everything to make it
all sparkly. Sparkles make me happy.

You still have plenty of time (until Sunday at 5PM CST) to get
something metal together and join us at HDH for this week's challenge.
You know you wanna play.... 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purging the hoarded goods

It's a new year. My style has changed greatly
over the past 10  plus years of stamping and paper crafting.
It's time to purge the clutter and let someone else enjoy
the spoils of my over spending and hoarding.

I have already listed some schtuff and will list more 
supplies in my Etsy shop.

Most of it is the more cute schtuff, retired SU sets,
CTMH sets, some grab bag sets.
Mostly wood mounted so far.

I have only purged my Greeting Farm stamps so far, but
will have more cling mounts and various clear sets listed soon.

Check in periodically, as I will continue to list things
as I come across them. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lil' Drac

This is the cutest damn thing I have seen in ages!! I had to share!!

Is it silly that this little bat baby left me in tears?
Maybe it was just a catalyst for some much needed weeping.
Life has been better.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wretched Wednesday - Got Goth?

Ahhhh, the smell of damp, fetid earth and the slick feel
of a yet to be determined globulus muck!
It's good to be back!

The gates to the
are open for business! 

Kicking the year off in traditional HDH style,
the challenge is,
"Got Goth?".

Nice and easy... but don't get used to it!

Here is my submission.

It's good to be back at it again!
I can feel the 'ol mojo warming up!

Okay, I started off with some really cool laced dp,
but can't remember who it's by (Barb?). 
I used some long hoarded real lace trim from
Wild Orchid along the bottom.   

This awesome image is called, Tad Batty
by Terra Bidlespacher for Sweet Pea Stamps.

I added a big vellum moon as the backdrop for the image.
I used Sparkling Silver mist to add texture and some
dimension to the moon.
I had some chipboard flourishes from a year or two ago that
matched the color scheme and give the illusion of vegetation.

I finally got to use my MS skull border punch
that I got for my Bday last year (thanks Barb!!).
I also used the MS bat fence punch and highlighted it
using a black Spica pen to represent moonlight.

That's it for me.
You have plenty of time to "get your Goth on",
and play along with this week's challenge at