Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Dunny to love!!!

Don't worry, I spelled it right.

This is my newest Dunny.
I collected Dunny's a few years ago and just recently
started checking them out on eBay again.
These are a blind box collectible, vinyl toy.
Each Dunny has been designed by a current pop artist,
and then the boxes are unmarked, so you never know
which Dunny you will receive. Some are more rare than
others, some are a complete mystery, and some are insanely
collectible and high priced.
Gotta have my Tokidoki fix.
Did you notice the face on the wiener? So cute!! 

This is my Hannah Aitchison Tattoo series Dunny.
It was designed by Hannah (of LA Ink fame) and was
a CHASE which meant there were an unknown number

This is a Joe Ledbetter designed Gryphon Dunny.
Had to have it for my son, who's named Gryphon Hunter. 

This is DuPac/Hug Life, designed by Nico Berry.

Here they come little Spider Baby Boom guy
(from the designers of Ugly Dolls)!
And they look hungry....


  1. I gotta be honest, the zombie one caught my eye, but I can't resist "Hug Life."

  2. Never heard of these until now. They are so freaking cool. Love the skeleton one the best x

  3. okay digging these... really digging them!

  4. Oh my, you are inspiring me to do another custom Dunny! I haven't done vinyl in years, but you've just reminded me that it's so much fun.

    And that little weiner-doll-baby is just too cute for words.

  5. These are a total HOOT! You find all the coolest schtuff! xxD


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