Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will the "fun" ever stop?!

Have you ever had a bad haircut?
I mean a really bad haircut, where your entire week
is ruined?
Well, I received such a horrendous haircut that my entire
month (possibly the next two) is gonna suck.
Unless I break every mirror I see before it sees me.
Really, it's THAT bad.
Think 1970's gypsy/shag cut,  mixed with some 1990's
Joan Jett and throw in a little more lesbian flavor and you
have my once beautiful tresses today.
Too bad tears can't make your hair grow back faster.
I tried.

I really needed some cheering up today, and when I went to the
mailbox (with a bandanna on) I received some joy in the form of
little mini critters !!!

It was a good thing no one was home when I opened my packages.
I was talking the forbidden baby talk to these guys.
Sorry, couldn't be helped.
I mean, c'mon look at them!

First up is a baby pink bat and matching ATC from
Twistyfishies on Etsy.  

Also from Twistyfishies, is this adorable
amigurumi purple buglet.
He and the bat are only 1 1/2" tall!
So fricken cute!!!!

And then we have this felted "Loveable Troll",
from Tracey at "If U Go Down to the Woods" on Etsy. 
Golden Rodney as I have named him, is barely 2" tall!
I love his pose - like he just dropped something very breakable!

Now if I can keep getting cool, cute schtuff in the mail everyday,
I just might have a reason to get up in the morning.

What doesn't kill us - makes stew out of what's left. 


  1. These guys are sooooo cute!!!
    Think you may have to start a new line in hats hun. . . xxx

  2. OMG - aren't these just COSMIC ??!!! How fabulous. :-D Were they part of a swap or did the Peeps just send you some stuff ???
    I used one of your brains in my latest mini pb album :-) It looks awesome :-D
    Many Hugz and soooo sorry about the hair. :-(

  3. I little bit of hair gel, a touch of glitter, a streak of colour....own that crappy H/C! I like the little yellow dude :)

  4. You are a poor wee soul and deserve loads of nice stuff in the mail every day! Hope you feel better soon as I know how horrible it is to be going through a rubbish time. Hugs love your little critters xx

  5. Oh glo, a bad haircut is the worst!!!! I'm glad the little critters cheered you up.......They are just sooo cute :)

  6. Yes, I too have had Haircuts from Hell. Painful! But adorable little critters. Do you know Kit Lane's work? I think you'd like it!!

    Also, the helmet oddment is up in my Etsy shop!!

    <3 Leah

  7. Hi there,

    I presume there is no chance for a photo with that haircut from hell, huh? Sorry that you have to go through that -- I feel for you!

    At least the little guys cheered you up -- and they are really VERY cute!

    Thanks for your feedback on my Chic Freak ATC -- great challenge for sure.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your haircut. It might not be as bad as you think.

    There's some great hats out there...


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