Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

I have been working so hard on so many
cool and unique items that I just have to say it again.

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Who doesn't need a new sparkly skull ornament this year?

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Every girl needs a little zombie sweetness in her accessories this season!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Schweet Schtocking Schtuffers

I was horribly influenced by Cindy Brady's
speech impediment whilst growing up.
I just can't shake it! Makes me laugh everytime!
Do you hate Christmas shopping?
Are you avoiding Black Friday like the plague
Do you look forward to Cyber Monday?
Do you enjoy giving unique, quality handmade holiday gifts
to friends and loved ones?

If you are in need of cool and well made stocking stuffers,
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Creepy Glowbugg Concoctions
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It was only a matter of time...

...before I desecrated an American Idol of the 1930's.

I give you,

I've done a ZomBuddha and a ZomBaby, so it seemed
a natural progression to make a ZomBetty.
Or a ZomBoop if you prefer.

My son has had this unpainted greenware Betty Boop for a few years
that was given to him from a friend. It had been collecting dust on his
shelf so I confiscated it and promised to bring her back in one piece.
My son is slowing (painfully slow at times!) turning to the dark side so
he was actually quite excited at the prospect of having his Mom zombify
one of his ceramic pieces.
I painted her out in acrylics, added glow in the dark paint on her eyes
and on the highlights of her dress.
My son loves it.

Okay, who's next?!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday nice lady!!

One of my bestest friends is having a birthday today!
Just being her friend makes me feel like a better person!

She is a card maker too, so I really had to break out with
the techniques and the embellies on this one!
I used MFT cloud dies, Swiss Dots embossing folder, SU edge punch,
and a bunch of dew drops.
That's alot for me. 

I finally got to use "Donna" from Tiddly Inks!
Such a sweet image. She always reminds me of
my HDH Sister Minion, Donna for some reason.
Maybe it's the hair.

Happy Birthday MacKenzie!!
Hope your day is as sparkling as you are!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Candy from The Craft Barn

Awesome candies!
I wanna win!!

The 13 Days of Creepmas are coming!!

I cannot think of a better way to welcome the
coming holiday.
The link is in my sidebar or just click the above image.
This should be fun.
Begins December 1st thru the 13th.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did someone say, ZOMBIE?!

I'm back again with my second canvas for the new images
just released over at Spesch Designer Stamps.

The Alice in Zombieland line has the coolest
Zombie images I have had the pleasure of working with thus far!
I love Max's artwork already, but mix in some rotting
fairy tale characters and you have won my heart! 

I painted the background with acrylic paints again.
I need the practice, but I am pretty happy with the
broken teapot and the bloody, decimated hearts. 
There is something so organic and cathartic about painting blood
drips and splatter!

I am so loving the Red Queen!!

I wasn't happy with how the Glossy Accents washed out the inks
on my previous project, so I skipped it this time and love how
vibrant all the colors remained! 

I decided to go for a more violet shade of zombie pallor on
the Mad Hatter

But I had to keep him a red head!
Nothing says, "Crazy!" like a ginger in a top hat! LOL!

One last shot of the gorgeous Queen!

Drop by Spesch and pick up some killer
Zombie digis!!! 
You can thank me later.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Uh oh! There's a zombie in the rabbit hole!

I am super thrilled to announce the new release at

How about....

Yup, yup, yup! Soooo cool!!
And I was invited to join in on this release today since Tracey
knows I am such a zombie enthusiast and lover of the undead.
Wait a minute, that didn't sound very nice...

Soooo cool, right?!
I painted an 8 X 10 canvas using acrylics and my own twisted
version of Wonderland.
I still need more practice with paint, but I am having so much fun!  

This cat is my favorite. I LOVE that stitched eyeball!
And the blood running around the eyeball and into the teeth is brilliant!!

Oh Alice!
What have you done to poor Mister Rabbit?!

He is going to be very late!

I had so much fun working on this canvas.
I used Glossy Accents on both the images, but found that the colors
faded once it was completely dry. Bummer.
I added more red paint to make the blood pools. Fun! 

I am still working on my second canvas featuring the other
two images of the Hatter and the Red Queen.
They are both so awesome!!!!
I should have the new piece up very soon so check back,
and in the mean time, drop by
to get your very own

Valentine's Day Coitus

There sure was a lot of Valentine's Day lovin'
going on in my family and friend's families in the past!
I have like 10 birthdays
to make cards for in this month alone! 
Next month is even busier!

Here are a couple.

I am really becoming quite a fan of
This beauty is called,
"Blushing Rose Fairy". 
Did ya see my fancy schmancy bow?!
Never gonna happen again....

The adorable little pig is/was a free image from the 
sweetest artist ever, Torico

So cute!
Drop by Torico's Etsy shop and pick up some
adorable digis of your very own! 

Did ya see my weak bow?
I told you it was a one time deal.

Been busy stocking my Etsy shop with lots of
killer stocking stuffers for under $10 and $5!!
Shop now for your best selection!! 

I am also thrilled to be working on
a top secret project for Sunday.
Check back, you won't want to miss this!
I'm goofy with excitement.
That means something really wicked and insane is getting ready
to be unveiled.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When there are no words...

from Sweet Pea Stamps.
Martha Stewart dp, Wild Orchid and Recollections fleurs,
and some killer webbed ribbon from Hambo.
I colored her in with Copics and then used TH Distress Inks to paint
the background.
I could use some more practice coloring black hair.
I do like the color scheme and the non-cartoony feel for a change.
I feel so grown up!

It'll pass. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Does a Vampyr live here?

I have been trying all week long to make something
uber creative and awesome for the final challenge of October
over at Haunted Design House.

The challenge is "Heinously Haunted Houses".
I live in a house that I have decorated and staged to
give the appearance of hauntedness all year long.
I prefer, "Apothecary Chic".

Just your everyday mantle decor.

I am eclectic in my tastes and I collect a little (or a lot) of everything!

The framed print is one of my newest acquisitions.
It is a signed and numbered print from the brilliant artist,

It is a painting of a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.
Mmmmmm? Hmmmm?
I adore this piece!
I surrounded it with other birds like my 
Tar Phoenix from The Shadow Farm, and other various
vultures and crows.
This was a birthday gift from a dear friend who "gets me".
Mister Cranium will reside on my counter all year long.
The cookies however, will not. Yum!

I have posted photos of my home in the past and thought this
might be considered a cop-out for the challenge, so I kept on brain storming.
And I even ruined a few perfectly good projects.

I think my mojo has left the building.

So I returned to a project I was working on earlier this
year, but never got around to actually finishing. 

A nice little "Welcome" plaque for your foyer or front door.

This is a completely handmade plaque.
The coffin shape is cut from MDF board, and then sanded and
base coat painted with black acrylic. 

I then hand sculpted a Vampyr skull out of polymer clay
to embellish the plaque.  

I also fashioned a fang from poly clay and added it to the piece as well.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but that hand painting of the
swirls and the "Velcome" was a serious challenge for me.
I guess I need to paint free hand more for the practice.  
I do plan to make more and put some for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for sticking with me this long.
I will be back with new projects in the coming days
as the Minions are taking a well deserved break from the weekly
challenges at HDH to focus on new projects for the coming Hexmas
Please still drop by the HDH blog on Mondays to see what type of
Mutiny the Minions have cooked up on their own!
Mutinous Mondays from here on out, until the new year.