Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It was only a matter of time...

...before I desecrated an American Idol of the 1930's.

I give you,

I've done a ZomBuddha and a ZomBaby, so it seemed
a natural progression to make a ZomBetty.
Or a ZomBoop if you prefer.

My son has had this unpainted greenware Betty Boop for a few years
that was given to him from a friend. It had been collecting dust on his
shelf so I confiscated it and promised to bring her back in one piece.
My son is slowing (painfully slow at times!) turning to the dark side so
he was actually quite excited at the prospect of having his Mom zombify
one of his ceramic pieces.
I painted her out in acrylics, added glow in the dark paint on her eyes
and on the highlights of her dress.
My son loves it.

Okay, who's next?!


  1. OMG that is the most beautiful betty I've ever seen, love love love it!!!!!!!!! especially the glow in the dark eyes.

  2. Zombie Zorro? The Lone Zombie Ranger? Rin Tin Zombie Tin?

  3. All hail zombie Betty Boop. She looks even more glamorous now <3

  4. AHHHHH! This is amazing! I have a big betty boop poster on my wall, considering zombifing it now...

  5. Ha ha, nice! We always watched Betty Boop cartoons at Halloween when I was a kid anyhow, so this it very fitting. I also love the vintage styling on the sculpt.

  6. She does look exceedingly cool xx

  7. Betty Boop doin' the zombie stomp. Love her!!

    Pleeese zombify a Barbie and a G.I.Joe, now that would be an awesome couple!!

  8. AWESOME Betty - I love her. I agree with the GI Joe comment - they would make a fabulous couple :-D xxxxxxxxxxx


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