Saturday, September 8, 2012

A wet nap in a shit storm

This past week has been a real shit storm.
Most of which I created, but it was a necessary evil.
That being said, I received some wonderful gifts that were
like a moist towelette in this crap fest going on.
They made a clean spot on my soul, that is for sure.
I needed that.
I was fortunate enough to have recently won this awesome Zombie clock

Coolest freaking clock ever!!!! I loves it!! 

I also had the pleasure of receiving this gorgeous paper bag book from
the always inspiring Nancy of Another MD Crabbie fame.  

I have always been a huge fan of Nancy's style and her inspiring
aged and distressed, dimensional projects. 

This little card can be removed so I can use all of the awesome supplies
like the pins, ball chain, ric rac, ribbon etc.. So cool!!

This card pulls out to reveal a zippered pouch chock full of
dimensional bits and bobs!!!
Basically, this is a Nancy craft kit. I LOVE it!!!

There is even another pocket on the back, full of dingle ball ribbon!
I loves dingle balls! Tee hee!!   

Even the back is decorated beautifully. Talk about details!!
A really stunning piece of art and a cherished gift.
Thank you, Nancy!! 

My friend came over to distract me from my deeds,
and dragged me to the local thrift store where I found this!!! 

I had this as a child and I LOVED this Avon perfumed pin!!
I know I made an audible squeal (something I don't usually do in public)
when I found this little gem in it's original box from ...1972!!
The stank perfume was still intact and untouched. I shudder to think I ran around
smelling like this, but it was probably better than my regular little kid stink.
Sometimes it's the littlest things.... 
And now for a little bitching session. 
I have hit a wall of funk in my paper crafting and have had enough of
talentless hacks stealing hardworking, brilliant authentic artist's works,
for their own personal profit and fame.
Papelitos Stamps is the culprit this time. Cris sold hundreds of stolen images
on her Etsy site and duped me and my friends into creating with the stolen goods as part of her design team. I had a bad taste in mouth over her "diverse styles" of images on her site,
so I reverse image searched her images on Google, and found numerous artists
linked to said images. I contacted the original artists and alerted them to the theft of their artwork. The ones I did hear back from (there were many) were shocked and pissed to say the least. Everyone denied giving permission to this douche to use or sell their images.
Unfortunately, I was not surprised, but rather disappointed as I had given Cris plenty of
chances to come clean. Only thing worse than a thief is a liar.
I have a zero tolerance policy for untruths. 
Now I feel as though I have wasted so much of my precious mojo on her projects.
I don't feel like creating anything digi related at all. 
I will shake off this funk and come out swingin'!
You have been warned.  


  1. Awesome prezzies and great find of the Skunky perfume :-)
    I am sorry you had direct dealings with all this Papelitos crap. !!! I still don't think she's gonna lay down and die though from what I saw this morning :-( !!!!!

    Sending you 'upping' vibes... we want our Glo back xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. OMG yeah - forgot - f'ing AWESOME clock !!!! :-D xxxx

  3. That Zombie Clock is so cool. Sorry you've had such a shit week, here's hoping next week is better.

  4. Uh, what's a 'reverse image search' hun?
    Love that book with all the gifts, and as for the clock - that's awesome!! Hope you get your funk on soon hun! xx

  5. love that clock, and Im glad there was a little light at the end of the shit storm.
    Great little rant, I would be totally pissed as well if I had been used and taken advantage of like that, I hope the artists come forward and raise hell.
    Well done for standing up for the unknown artists.

  6. I LOVE Nancy's creations too they are unbelievably good. That clock is the bees knees. Not your fault that heartless skank was ripping people off. Skunk brooch is way too cool for school.


  7. take funk and make it funky! glad you like the clock...


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