Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ghostly Apparitions

I decided to make the best of the mucus that has been
killing me this week, and I made some little ghosties.
No, they're not made of mucus, but rather glow in the dark
polymer clay that resembles shades of phlegm.
Nice. And classy, too. 
I have added quite few miniature ghost ornaments and
ghostie sculpts to my Etsy shoppe today.
It's never too early to start shopping for


  1. They're soooo cute. Hope the snots have said goodbye now xxx

  2. EEEK! Love the sparlky ones. Are they all bugger green for a reason? (well, duh!) glad they're snot REAL mucus. LOL Hope you're feelin' better. xxD

  3. ROFL You are a hot shit. These are too cute. :)


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