Monday, April 11, 2011

A quick WHACK of cuteness

Just a quick post today to celebrate
The Wisteria in my backyard was pretty much the
clincher for me when we were going to buy this house.

It pretty much covers the entire back patio.
Aside from all of the GIANT, black, bumble bees,
it's where I like to spend my spare time.

Sometimes even the undead like to bask in
the sun and despite the stench of heated decay,
zombies even enjoy doing some light yard work.

So, before I amble out to the yard, I would like to
leave you with something so sweet it'll make your 
teeth hurt.

This is "Lolli-Anya".
So bleepin' ca-yoot!

I have had this image in rubber for over a year.
Shame. Shame. I know.
I'm glad I finally inked her up and made her
into a spring inspired card for this week's
WOW Farm Fresh challenge at TGF.
I miss coloring Anyas. So much space to really blend
and show shading properly.
Too cute! Gotta appease the masses every so often.

Don't worry, I'll be back on Wednesday with something
nice and sick for this week's
Macabre Monday challenge at Haunted Design House.


  1. So jealous...we still have snow on the ground and nothing yet is blooming! Looks so pretty. Love the Zombiw too...

  2. Beautiful..Like Nicole we still have snow :(
    I am a big fan of Zombie's we loved Walking Dead :)
    Your card is so sweet, love the yummy colours.

  3. love the greeting farm stamps, this card is so delicious that it looks edible x


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