Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hell in a handbasket (or a jewelry box)

It's that time of week again when I play show and tell.

Here is my latest project.
It's the first of two (so far) Zombie Cherub jewelry boxes.

I found a couple of these little boxes at the thrift store.
I really liked the frame feature which allowed me to
personalize and customize my piece.
I made a little collage for the insert keeping with my
fat, rotten, cherub theme.  

I repainted the box black and then used a dry brush
technique with a nice metallic bronze to give it some shine.
I then hand painted each of the five cherubs to resemble

I adorned each side of the box with a little putrid cherub.
Looks like this one scored a rib cage. And some fruit.

This one is so full he needs a nap.

And this one enjoys a good read after a big meal.

Here is the inside which is in really nice shape.
It is the perfect place to store your zombie themed jewelry
and trinkets.

Speaking of hoarders trinkets...

I got some new schtuff from my dear friend and
brilliant clay artist, Michell Covington.

My little bat friend,
Sid the Serious.
It was love at first sight. For me, anyway.  

Cool bat winged ankh pendant.

Then my coveted and highly anticipated
sculpture arrived.

I realize she isn't for everyone, but I loves my
Antichrist in Skull Bunny form
handmade Festive Dead ornament by Kamila Mlynarczyk.

She watches you as try to avoid her sunken gaze. 

And yeah, maybe she scratched me a little with her
blood stained finger claws. She didn't mean to.
I'm sure it was my fault somehow.
I know she loves me....
she told me so.


  1. Brilliant! Cool trinket box hun. Love the batty bat too - not sure about the bunny though, lol. xxx

  2. Pat yourself on the back that jewellery box is freaking FANTASTIC!!!! LOVE it. Also loving your new buys they are ACE. x

  3. I enjoyed seeing your new work. Your fat, rotten, cherub theme rocks on that box!

  4. Ummm..can I call dibs on that box if you sell them? ugh i love them soooo much! Amazing work. Amazing.

  5. Oh, those zombie cherubs are horribly hilarious!!! :-D

  6. Love the jewelry box and the jewelry you created...and that wooded woods sculpture is awesome!!!


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