Friday, May 18, 2012

Hotter than Hades!!

This week's Haunted Design House challenge is,
Hot as Hell in here!!
This was a difficult challenge for me. It was torturous 
to even come up with this simple layout.
I had mounds of grandiose plans for this gorgeous image
from SimplyBStamps. I colored her up over a week ago,
and then just kept pushing papers around for the last week.
My mojo must be on hiatus. 

Her name is Druscillia.
She is quite magnificent. Somethin' about those horns...

I struggled and I toiled over the sentiment for this card and
finally settled on one I received from my dear friend, Catherine.
I used a lighter to burn the edges of the main image (yikes!),
and then almost completely burned up the sentiment.
I found it helpful to work over a sink and use a damp paper
towel to douse the embers. Setting fire to a perfectly good
image is scary. I had already wasted so much time, I shuddered
to even contemplate starting over after an arson episode.
I came close, but managed to singe strategically, and all is well.   

You still have time to fan the flames with us this week at HDH
The deadline to enter is Sunday at 5PM CST.


  1. Totally AWESOME - she is beautiful and your colouring ROCKS !!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh, I love your work! your coloring skills are so professional! xxlisa

  3. I ADORE this card!!!! It is simply gorgeous, seriously the colours are perfect, sentiment rocks and the whole thing was well worth waiting for. xx

  4. As always, my jealousy of your artistic talent makes me want to blow up your craft room.

    You are amazing. This coloring is superb. Especially the hair!

  5. She be BOOFY! Your coloring is insane! No mojo probs here. xxD

  6. Fabulous ! how you use colour, well done Hugs Elaine I am a new follower ( I am usualy a pastel colour girl) maybe I will go bright and bold like you .
    Well done great work Hugs Elaine


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