Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One bad mother trucker

When I was in Los Angeles a couple of years ago,
I saw this sign and had to snap a picture.
I remember Sebastian Bach saying that alot too.
I still think it's cool though. 
Here is a look at my newest baby doll.
It's just kind of a given that when you share the
same name as a cool ass toy, it has to be yours.
Well, in my house, those are the rules.   

Isn't she lovely?
And so deadly!

She even has a ... (wait for it, wait for it)
removable brain!!!

Some Mom's get flowers and candy on Mother's Day.
I got all you can drink Bloody Marys
and a new Living Dead doll.
I love my life.



  1. Now that is the BEST mothers day present EVER!! She rocks. xx

  2. Bwaaahahahahaha - AWESOME. She is sooooooo cool :-) xxx

  3. Awesome!! I've got some Living Dead dolls myself, however they're currently hanging out in the attic with Chucky & his bride...I don't have anywhere to put them up right now! :( Hehehe, better keep tabs on Goria's brain - one of your other lovelies might get a hunger on!

  4. ROFL!!!! This is freaking awesome. So you. :)

  5. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I'm so jealous!

    Carol (Carol's Creations)

  6. Before you can read this, she will be gone. =P

  7. So cool! I have been out of the blog world too long..any post that has "blood splatter" in it is a good post.



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