Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another scene and some Zombie info

I have tapped into my "Mojo Vein",
and am having a blast creating with the new
"Mini Monztas" from Make it Crafty.

The challenge over at Haunted Design House
this week is to make a Hallowe'en scene
This week's sponsor at HDH is Make it Crafty,
and since I was already on a roll with the little cuties
(Yes!  I did just say that!) I decided to make yet another
Hallowe'en scene.

I used the Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankie,
and the Headless Horseyman for this framed scene.
I used the graveyard scene for the background,
also from Make it Crafty.

I used a re purposed frame from the thrift shop, painted it black,
and then added metallic silver and purple paint with my finger
to the raised details. I really like how it turned out. 
I also left Frankie outside of the frame since he covered too much
of the background with is giant bolts.
It kinda looks like he's been replaced by the Headless Horseman.
Those reanimated brides can be so fickle!

I have to admit that I originally colored the Bride as a ghost.
I never caught on to her being the Bride until I was putting her
into the frame.  Duh!
I colored the background in cool grays and then added some  
V000, V01,V12 and a little RV000. Then I Stickled the bejeezus
out of all the edges where sparkly moonlight may fall.
That's alot of sparkle. 

Lastly, I drew in a huge moon and colored it in with
more of the same Violet Copics.  I'm not real sure that
it translates well here, but it does look pretty cool in real life.

Now I said something about Zombies didn't I?
Well this Friday is the Virtual Day of the Dead if you will.  
        This Friday you can zombie walk with those of us who love
and admire the ZOMBIE, from the comfort of your own home. 
What a great way to kick off the coming season!!
All of the participant bloggers are spotlighting some sort
of Zombie themed project, artwork, story, make-up application,
recipe, etc... to fill your appetite for the undead.
I have been soo busy working on some killer pieces for this event.
I am so excited to show my new Zombified creations!!
Please drop by tomorrow and see what I have been up to.
I'll have a list of all the blogs participating and you can hop
along at your own risk, I mean, leisure!
Nom! Nom!  


  1. I love your scene, and can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow :D

  2. Freaking brilliant. Love your colouring perfection and now I can't wait for tomorrow to see these creations, why I oughta!!! hehe x

  3. another awesomely gruesome scene :)))
    zombie walk seems right up your alley :)))
    have fun!!!

  4. Wow I love it! Those make it crafty mini monsters are just sooo much fun, your project turned out awesome! I will have to check out the zombies.

  5. WTF?!! (Am I allowed to say that?) BACK UP THE TRAIN! OMG is this ever frickin' cool!! I love the whole thing! The background, the cute images and your coloring. I'm such a fan! NICE!


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