Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get yer ZOMBIE on!!

Zombies, zombies everywhere!!!

Man, I thought this day would never get here!
And then again, I could have used another day or two
to finish all of my intended projects.


ZOMBIES are a favorite of mine and have been since I first
caught the Zombie contagion back in the 80's.
"Return of the Living Dead" was and still is, my all-time
favorite Zombie movie, with "Fido" running a close second.

I was always just a fan of Zombies until a couple of months ago.

I decided to start creating my own Zombies.
Not only that, but I was going to do it in an Eco friendly manner.
I started perusing the local thrift shops in search of
unsuspecting statuary that could use a new paint job.

This was my first creation.  
Who can't help but smile at a ZomBuddha?

Since then I have made quite a few pieces and have sold
some of them in my Etsy shop.

I have been acquiring some awesome new pieces
just for this Zombie Walk and now I am ready to
unleash my creations on the world
(or Blogger at least)!

Bound FOREVER in death.

 The happy couple.

What a glamour puss!

He does know how to work that camera.

And his eyes glow in the dark.

Now it's time for a special guest straight from
the Disney Estates!
(Man, what a find this was!!)

It's Belle!

Isn't she lovely?
I went a little light on the gore for this one.
Some purists may get offended anyway, but
I think she is tastefully Zombified

Parts of her gown glow and so do her eyes.

And lastly, we have a visit from the old red devil himself...


What goodies have you brought for me, Santa?!

Oh! Umm, ... that's okay. You can keep that.

Thanks for indulging me on this little journey into my
Zombified world.

If you are interested in acquiring any of these pieces 
you can email me or check out my Etsy shop
and see more of my Zombified line and other
creepy, handmade Hallowe'en items and decorations.  

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Feel free to hop, skip, jump, or shamble at your leisure.

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  1. Oh man! a Zombie Blog Walk thingy and I missed it :(
    Lots of lovely Zombie goodness Gloria and I like the glow in the dark eyes :)

  2. Loved loved LOVED ZomBuddha!
    (I want that one!)

    ZombieClaus is pretty cool, too.
    They're all zombilicious!

  3. OMG! I love ZomBuddha! hahaha. AMAZING!!!!

    Come check us out:


  4. You are soooo brilliant! ZomBuddha! Haha. I love the idea of taking beloved objects and turning them zom-bie! Hee hee. The lawn gnome was no surprise. I always suspected they are evil!

  5. Wow great job really love the pieces. I knew Santa was eating more than cookies

  6. Wow so cool I love the bella looking girl with glowing eyes, your house must be really creepy LOL.

  7. That honestly is some of your best work. I am so impressed I am damn near speechless. Good form, Glo! Hey, if Belle ever needs a home....

  8. Fantastic post! I like the "Belle" figure the best.

    Thanks for sharing. Zombies ROCK!! :-D


    Check Out My Books!

  9. ZomBuddha is my favorite for sure. He'll be a wobbly mess when he has to shuffle off for his next brain.

  10. Fabulous zombie artwork. "ZomBuddha" is hilarious!!

  11. Haha I think hands down zombiebudha has had most votes. They are all brilliant, you are a wee talent xx

  12. Those are fantastic. I love the smile on Zombuddha

  13. These are absolutely amazing. You've inspired me. I started working on one of my own yesterday. :) It's not half as good as yours, but it's a lot of fun! Thank you for your inspiration.


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