Sunday, September 12, 2010

New stuff in my shoppe!!

Incase anyone noticed, I have been rather light on the posts lately.
I have been busy working on DT project set to debut next week, and I have
been trying to stock some new goodies in my Etsy shoppe.
This is "Fat Batt".
He's a little sculpture that was inspired by my tattoo
that I designed and drew.
Kinda cute, right?
My friend Katt and I share this tattoo,
meaning we both have the same one.
I actually share the devil Hello Kitty with my friend, Chris.
I'm really not one of those, "Hey! Let's go get matching tattoos!"
kinda gal, but it just worked out that way,
...three times.
I've also got a butterfly tatt
that I share with my friend, Deanna.

Anyhoo, I digress... back to my Etsy shoppe.

Here is a double Skully snowflake ornament that no Goth/Vampyre tree
 should be without this season.
And then we have a single Skully snowflake ornament.
{please note that there is a teeny tiny spider
hanging from the left side, cool.}

Please drop by my shoppe and check out my wares.
Who knows?
 You might find a one of a kind, handcrafted item that you
just can't live without.  


  1. OOOhhh!!! Me LOVE! and what a cool tat! Hey, how about making an assortment bag of skullies? xxD

  2. I have one question with drawing skills like that why aren't you designing digis????? hmm your polymer creations are just brilliant am not really into tats but they do look pretty cool x x

  3. Andrea C has a good point-why AREN'T you designing digis? =) I love my tattoo, and I've gotten quite the few compliments on it. Awesome sculptin Glo!

  4. WOW! Just love those snowflakes and the others are super cute too!

  5. OMGAWD!!!!! I want all of them...and I mean all of are such an artist Gloria..and I always look forward to your next post.....


  6. Gosh, these are great. Off to check out your Etsy store!


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