Monday, September 27, 2010

HDH058 Magical Mayhem

This week we have a "Magical Mayhem" challenge

Again, I assumed that my personal connection to the challenge would make 
this project a breeze.
Have you ever been so determined for a project and all of it's
elements to work that it ends up looking a bit forced or just not
even close to what you had hoped for?
Yeah, me too.
I have worked much harder on suckier cards, but I really had
high hopes for this one.

I broke out with my Witch board (like a Ouija board) image
and used Versamark and stardust embossing powder to give
it a magical glow.
Now I know the jury is still out on whether or not the Ouija board is
magical or not, but how can something mass produced by Parker Brothers
and sold at Toys R Us, have magical qualities?
Just a thought.

I have really been in to the cracked glass effect and wanted to use it on this image,
but the more I handled the embossed piece, the cloudier or less shiny it appeared.
The nice thing about embossing is that you can reheat it and start all over.
I ended up adding stardust powder to the image and then used clear thick embossing
powder to give it a final shiny finish.
I added one of my new frame nesties and some rhinestones to try to 
shine this turd.

Please don't let this have a direct effect on your impression of the 
challenges at Haunted Design House.
The other gals on the DT are wonderful and pretty consistent with their
awesome projects.
Did I mention I don't feel well and have a TON of projects to be completed in the next two weeks? I'm a little overwhelmed.    


  1. what are you on about ya maddie, this looks absolutely classy as!, you are crazy! x

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par at the moment, But you can still produce some spectacular work Glo. Sometimes what's in your head will comeout when you least expect it to. Keep up the great work
    Helen xx

  3. I think you are being way too hard on yourself - I think it looks really cool! :-)Traci


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