Monday, September 6, 2010

In Memoriam... 2nd post today

1991 - 2006

Four years ago today, I said to goodbye to a huge piece of my heart.
Cosmos, or as I used to call him, "Moso-Pusso" was my first pet as an adult.
He was my room mate when I moved to Southern California all by myself.
He kept me sane in a very insane point in my life and I will always love him for that in particular.
This is the tattoo that I got to to memorialize "da 'Mos".
I miss him tons and still cry when I look at his picture for too long, but he is free to 
chase all the shadows he can chase and I know he is keeping his dog, "Bodie" company
until I get there.

I love you 'Moso.  


  1. that is so cool that you got a tat to memorialize cosmos. these things are really tough!

  2. ((((((((huge hugs)))))))))) Cosmos looks like an absolute star, so his name was very fitting :)

  3. You are a complete butthead because you made me cry. ^_^ Missin Mos.

  4. Huge hugs.... i still cry every night... my little dog died last november... nature really naffed up .... why dont cats and dogs live as long as humans?
    love lynx

  5. What a wonderful way to immortalise any loved one. Cosmos looks darling in both pics.

  6. Awww love your tat - oh great now you're letting me know....OMG I JUST SEEN YOUR SKULLY SNOWFLAKES ....sorry.....they just are right beside where I'm typing and OMG are they ever friggin cute!! I'm going to go buy some when I'm done this!! Anyway, what I was saying ... you're letting me know how much I'm gonna miss my Rafferty. I have never been very attached to any of the animals we had as kids or even later years until now. This little guy - oh he's the sweetest and has the greatest character. Yikes. Sending you hugs today!

  7. Aww so sorry you miss him so. Beautiful tattoo though! I love it!! Should be a stamp hee hee!


  8. aww hugs he looked so gorgeous, I think cats are so cool and really cool tattoo x

  9. awww...I'm sorry...our pets always seem to melt our hearts, don't they....what a great way to keep him around....


  10. OOh Glo! I've go some tears from this post and thinking of some of my past kitties. Beautiful memorial though. Hugs, D


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