Monday, September 13, 2010

HDH056 Monochrome Monstrosities

The Nosferatu vampyre is the one I consider to be the most
disturbing and haunting of all the vampyres
ever portrayed in the cinema.
I think it's those long ass creepy fingers! 

This week's Macabre Monday challenge is:
Monochrome Monstrosities.
I finally used my Nosferatu stamp that I have had
for at least a year or two.
I think he kinda looks like the Willem Dafoe version
 from the fabulous, "Shadow of the Vampire".
That's a good movie. 
I got a graveyard cookie cutter from QuicKutz,
and couldn't wait to use it.
I added some silver tinsel embossing powder to the tops
 of the graves for that moonlight sparkle.
I couldn't resist using the hearse stamp.
How often do you get the chance to use your hearse stamp? 
Money well spent on my newest MS punch.
LOVE the bat!!!

Another stamp I had to use and just couldn't get it
squeezed onto my already overloaded card.
So, I put it on the inside.

Please join us this week at Haunted Design House for
Macabre Monday's challenge of Monochrome Monstrosities.


  1. wow what great use you have made of these cool stamps, the card is just totaly fabulous I love every bit of it and the stamp on the inside is class in a glass, I love the little ornate bit at the top with your creepy skull x

  2. I am in LOVE with this! Incredible work! Love the images and overall design. Great job!!!

  3. oh cool...i am so glad the recipe worked for you!

  4. This is fabulously monstrous, and that stamp on the inside is perfect for it! :D

  5. Nosferatu gives me the creeps, too! I love the hearse stamp - you seem to find the coolest most unique stamps and then make awesome cards with them! :-)Traci

  6. omgosh!!! This totally fits the ROCKED this one Glo...I soo love it!!!!



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