Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th to you!

First off, is this creepy clown photo.
It actually looks like that kid is going to take the candy from the maniacal Mr. Tinkles.

Now I know this is a photo-shopped version of some one's cat
and a Santa photo, but the look on that kid's face makes this
little scenario slightly plausible.
I'd have it framed and set it out for the holidays.

This one is effed up on many levels.
First off, it looks like a left over prop for
"The Human Centipede".
Not right at all.
And secondly, it roams the yard at night in search of frogs and small rodents to
torture and devour.

And lastly, I give you what I like to call, 
"Maternal Extinct".

Keep it Creepy!


  1. the twenty armed doll... gives me the creeps i see that in every dream i have...

  2. AHhhhhhhhhhhhh WTF !!! thats is some seriously creepiness hahahahahaaha

  3. Creepy is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing.


  4. that is SERIOUSLY creepy! I love it! lol Happy Friday the 13th!

  5. What am I missing on these Friday's here? I also LOVE that clown. That might be my next Halloween costume. That will terrify more people than my Pennywise did. Happy Friday the 13th!

  6. OMG I'M SO JEALOUS!! You got the new Martha Stewart punch!! The one you used on the middle card!! LOVE IT! You look like you had fun with these. Oh and clever idea on the paper usage on your first one. I have that paper and have never figured out a good use for it. Now I think I might just use you for inspiration. Use you then toss you away like a crappy piece of cardstock. BROL!! aaaa ha ha ha!! JK!


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