Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fiendishly Fun Friday: Kitties, frogs, and zombies, oh my!

Barb? Anything?

Okay, I am something of a night owl.
I rarely go to bed before 3AM, and I am usually working on my DT duties, 
or more than likely, I am blog surfing (blurfing?).
I find all kinds of cool stuff, and I get especially excited when I find cool
blogs like izombielover.  

This image really spoke to me, as it involves two of my favorite things,
Kermit the Frog, and zombies!
Jeremy of iZombielover is quite an artist, and has put a unique twist on what I consider to be pop art.
He manipulates digital images to make them odd or creepy (he can do pretty stuff too, if you're into that). He has some gorgeous black and white images!
He also does request work, so if you have an idea he can make something really 
unique and amazing for you.
Please check him out at
"Art is the key to the soul, zombies attack the brain..."

And now, another kitty..... 
Have a great weekend!
Keep it Creepy!


  1. haha great find on your blurfing (hmm don't know if that will catch on as it sounds like a word for some odd bodily function or other) xx

  2. Well I've just missed you. Got up at 3:30. Fab finds, lady! LOVE the kitties! xxD

  3. And post with Frog in the title gets my attention. :)

    He does do great love the Kermit he made for me. Great guy!

    And of course, how can I pass up an LOLcat :)


  4. LOL! Thanks for the giggles, Glo! :) That last cat looks reeeeaaallly pissed, doesn't she?


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