Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Please stand by…

I am still experiencing technical difficulties.
But in my down time I have managed to pick up a few new Halloween goodies.
It’s a sickness.
I didn't even hesitate when I saw thee Creepy sign at Mike's for $6.99.
Into the cart you go! 
I saw this guy on a Halloween blog,(but I can’t remember what the name is) but it was the Frankenstein one (in the box).
I loves me some Punkinhead, so I had to get him as well.
I collect Dunnys which are mass produced, blind box vinyl toys that are painted by pop artists.
I find them to be an affordable way to collect the art of the artists I admire.
The Dunnys come to the artist blank, like this Punkinhead. I am so excited to paint these guys and make them original pieces of art.   
Mike’s $3.99
014 015
The Vampire bust is very cool and small (maybe 6 inches, sorry fellas), but for $1.99 at Mike’s who’s complaining?
The handsome devil on the right is Eyegore. He holds candy in his head. Really now, don’t we all?
$12.99 at Ross. I am a frequent Ross and Marshall’s shopper this time of year especially. I love getting the higher end Halloween decorations for a fraction of the original price.  
Lastly, here is a picture of my other son.
His name is Chubbs Magnus, also known as
Chubby Chubby Ting Ting (sung to the tune of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”), or Chubby, or ChubChub, or TingTing.
He’s a big fluffy boy who likes to make sure he gets at least one hair in every project I make.
He has decided this is where he sleeps now.
How nice for him.  


  1. Love the creepy sign!

    And I know how you feel about the cat....mine have to be where ever I am, even if it is just sleeping.

    He is a cutie...I can see he probably gets away with a lot with that cute face. :)


  2. wow i love that sign..!!
    and your cat hes so cute...
    hugz Anita

  3. girl---that sign is soo you...love it!!! And your other little goodies are soo fun...But now your first born, now he's a doll....way to adorable...and he looks like he's right at home....lol....

  4. Wow those goodies are brill, we don't really get that many cool halloween stuff here BORING! Did you ask if I wanted your addy so I could send you some soap? xxxx Love that vamp bust it is super cool and painted frankie's monster and your big cat is a bit cutie x

  5. You should get royalties for that sign, Creepy! Imagine them stealing YOUR name and selling it for a profit! SHAME on them...Now I want one too! Great finds! xxD


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