Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my spawn

Today is my son's 11th birthday. Where has the time gone? One day they are this tiny little lump of life, and then they grow into this huge, smelly, garbage disposal of a smart mouth kid!
I got this digital image from Mo Manning.
At the time I purchased this, my son was on the Play Station constantly.
Then we got the laptop fixed...
Now I need a Sims image.
Still kinda looks like him (my son), and it has the same distant, "You're in my way, Mom. Can't see the screen", look that my son has periodically.
I purposely stand in front of the TV just to jerk his chain.
That's why I had a kid.
So I could mess with him and tell him fantastical tales of horrible untruths.
I've only been at it for 11 years, and I still have so much more
damage to do!
No, I love my boy, and I am fiercely protective of him.
He's the coolest kid I know and he is so bleepin' funny sometimes it's hard to 
remember he's only 11 years old.

Happy day Boo-bee.
Love Mom 


  1. Ah....Happy Birthday and what a lovely card you created.


  2. This card is brilliant darling and so perfect for any teenage boy, love how you describe your son ... huge, smelly, garbage disposal of a smart mouth kid! HAHAHAHAHAHA sounds like most of the men i know too hehehehehe i love the background paper on this card not seen it before xxx

  3. hehe hope he has a great birthday, fantastic card love the backing paper and the gems work great, I love Mo Mannings images they are fab x

  4. Rad card, Gloria!! Happy Birthday to your huge, smelly, garbage disposal of a smart mouth kid, LOL!

  5. Great card! Happy Birthday to your son Gloria! :)

  6. My six year old gets that look...I guess there is no change it is going to wear off then, huh??? LOL
    Cute card. :)

  7. Happy belated to the spawn! :) Super cute card, and your coloring is fantastic!


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