Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bring on day two

So this is fun, right?
So many awesome bloggers and crafters all gearing up for the
most important (to most of us, anyway) holiday of the season.
I plan to make my rounds this weekend, and what a fantastical voyage
that will be.

If you have no idea what I'm yammering on about, this is day 2 of the
One is a blog hop for Halloween lovers of all walks of life, and
the other is a crafty celebration of the dark crafter's version of the
Christmas advent calendar. Something like that anyway. The only
thing you need to know is that people are posting great Halloween 
themed content on their blogs daily. What else is there? 
The links are contained in my sidebar for both hops. Please check
them all out and leave some feedback so everyone knows you stopped by.

I bought a lollipop today. Not your average lolli, but one that looks 
very similar to the one that Sam from Trick R' Treat totes around.
I bought it from a cool dude named, 
I don't have permission to use the photos of the actual sucker (it's really resin), 
but check out the shop and see them for yourselves. They are pretty awesome. 
I can't wait to get mine, and I'll be sure to share it with you when I do.

I can show you this fun little card I made  though.
I'm sure we all have a list started, don't we? I have a notebook 
full of names, but who's counting?   

This fun image is from Rick St. Dennis called, 'Black Widow'
and the witty sentiment is from Ginger's House.

And as promised, I am sharing some of my new
Halloween decorations for 2014. 

I love shopping for Halloween schtuff at Home Goods. 
Not only do they carry my favorite scent of candle (Yankee Candle
Witches Brew), but they have some of the coolest decorations and 
chachkies around.   

C'mon, how cool is this snow globe?
What do you call a snow globe with bats and black snow?   

I know this thing looks like it fell off the Avenge Sevenfold tour bus, 
it is pretty darn cool. And shiny. 

  I really like the attention shown to the 
candle cups. I have some nice purple drip candles that
will look very cool in this candelabra. 

That's it for me for today. Thanks for stopping by.
See ya tomorrow with more cool Halloween show and tell schtuff.  


  1. Cozmic goodies and fabulous card Glo :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Very cool stuff. You know I always love your crafts, your card is gorgeous. That globe is so unusual but so cool too. I also love that candelabra. Great stuff!

    Carol (Carol's Creations)

  3. Great card Glo - love the sentiment (and yes I have a list!!)....also love you decorations....must be Halloween in your house all year round I would have thought!!

  4. I think it did fall off the tour bus! LOL

  5. Yammer on my friend! TY for the extras and yes love those pieces. Killer fly globe. Fab finds and may have to peep into your windows some October night. Hahaha, awesome senti on card and my list is safely hidden ;). Fun layers and beautiful coloring.

  6. Fab card, Glo! My list would fill a notebook. LOL Great coloring, as usual and I love howwyou've done the sentiment LARGE! Great collection of new schtuff, too. I'm so totally jealous. xxD

  7. Love the sentiment on this card! I am rolling! Your coloring is so awesome....I am greenish with envy! Uh name may be on the Karma list now:) Such a wonderful job and I love it!

  8. Thanks for using the black widow on your project today-so appreciated

  9. I need that card! You don't know how well it fits.

    Thanks for sharing your Halloween goodies. I picked up a few things myself and should share this month.

    You may have to call it a bat cave.

  10. So much great creepyness! Thanks for such a great gallery. Love your card, her expression is priceless and the sentiment, LOVE it! Thanks so much for inspiring!~kim

  11. Love the widow creepy card great coloring spooktacular infact! I must also check out yankee candle and those chalkies!

  12. Wow! I went to check out the lollipop - fab!!! And your card is awesome - I have a list... it's taking a bit of time biting them back but I'm sure Karma's got it covered! lol Loving your 'snowglobe' and decorations too! Looking forward to seeing what else you get!! xx

  13. I loved this saying when it showed up at Ginger's House, and you have used it wonderfully!

  14. Love that card! Perfect sentiment too. Her coloring is great!

  15. Love your card. I have too agree with Dog-Ma, the sentiment is great.

  16. Fantastic! I love your project. Great image and colouring and the sentiment is fantastic and those tombstones.... Also your Halloween goodies - I can't wait to see how you alter them...
    The Nanny x

  17. Loved reading your post - some amazing items! Love the card - excellent sentiment and image!

  18. Great project, so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  19. did you make the candelabra? wow it is shinny and cool. the card made my jaw drop in the best way (you know the way a hubby would want it to ;p ) you go over the top and make me feel inadaquite and I love it, challenge me baby dont know how to spell so forgive me

  20. Love the card, you've colored her beautifully. What a fun collection of Halloween decorations too!

  21. Your car is awesome. The coloring is perfect. Also your Halloween decor is causing me to be envious.

  22. I so want to shop at the shops you shop at!!! That snow globe is awesome!! I love your card which has the perfect sentiment! Rick St Dennis rocks :)

  23. Absolutely love your card, gorgeous colouring on the widow and love that sentiment! Your new Halloween stash is fangtastic too, love that, hmmm, how we call it a Dark Globe instead LOL!


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