Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can't Quit Coffin Day 18

As my cold/allergies run it's course, I am currently
in the coughing stage. The coughing really hard stage.
Like so hard you gag and nearly suffocate. Yeah, that's it.

So to make light of my current state, I have made a 
coffin themed project. Funny, right?  

I originally sculpted this for the WOOD themed challenge
at Haunted Design House. I used a coffin shaped cookie cutter
to cut the shape out of white polymer clay. It's a perfect size
for an ornament, so you may be seeing more of these in my Etsy
shop for Creepmas.  

After it was textured and detailed using a needle tool,
it was cooked at the manufacturer's suggested temp of 270 degrees, 
and then I painted it with a couple shades of brown acrylic paints.
To really bring out the details I added a black wash.
Lastly, a Tim Holtz skull and crossbones was added along with 
a jute with wooden bead hanger. 

Still following the coffin theme, I stamped two coffins
from Inkadinkado's Mindscape set onto shrink plastic.
Cut them out, and used the heat gun to shrink them down even
though I still have my trusty Shrinky Dink oven. 
This way is much faster.  

  How fun are these? Such a cool image.
I'll share a few more images from this set with you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you get a chance to check out all of the bloggers in these hops.


  1. Wonderful project! Hope your coughing stops soon!

  2. Your sculpting abilities are outrageously great! Looks just like wood! Love the detail! And I adore Shrinky Dinks! Fabulous coffin earrings! Loving both projects!

  3. Love the coffins big and small. Such cool projects, never thought about using cookie cutters. Love your art!
    So sorry for your icky cough, hope you are back to 100% soon, hang in there!

  4. Now I am just in awe. Your woodgrain is perfect.
    Your ideas are inspired!
    I have to go hunt down those mini coffin shaped word themed stamps.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Loving these new projects. You need to have some for Creepmas! =)

  6. Hope your cough gets better soon - in the meantime your coffin post is brilliant. Love the wood! Love the earrings!

  7. Fab ornament, it looks like real wood WOW. I love love love those coffin earrings!

  8. **Leigh sprays computer screen with antiseptic spray...just as a precaution**
    That is one absolutely SPOOKTACULAR faux wood coffin! I love all the details and the earings are to die for!

  9. You are too funny. Both of these coffin projects are fabulous. Love the wood grain. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  10. Both of these are so fab I would love a tut on the "wooden" tag.

  11. Sorry you are still sick, that s no fun.
    Love the coffin, and great earnings.

  12. "Can't Quit Coffin"--snortle! These are two great projects, but I especially love those earrings. Perfect!

  13. hey there girlie...these are simply amazing...I soo love your I can relate to you coughing fits...I have those and they are horrible...hope you get to feeling better soon...miss ya..

    Hugs Nancy

  14. You're such a hoot, Glo! Glad you didn't quit on these coffins. FAbulous clay work and the earrings ROCK! xxD (Thanks for the bitch fest today. LOL)

  15. Eeeee - Marvelous :-) So sorry to hear you are suffering but your title did make me chuckle :-D

    Healing hugz
    IKE xxx

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    My Shop
    My Blog

  16. Don't forget what they say though...... "It isn't the cough that carries you off.. it's the coffin they carry you off in" bwaahahahaha :-D xx

  17. I honestly thought it was a piece of wood, perhaps an old pallet!! What a fabulous job you have made of this ornament!! I love your work :)

  18. Wow! You are so talented! You did all the detail on that coffin by hand? Sweet! I really "dig" it. I made a coffin funny too! Haha!

  19. Love your coffin ornament! Wonderful job on the coloring!


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