Monday, October 27, 2014

Check out some of my schtuff Day 27

Welcome to the final week of the Halloween Countdown blog hops.
Today, I'd like to share a tiny bit of my humble abode and some of
my holiday decorating. 

Artsy shot of my mantle. I love that mercury glass pumpkin.
It is one of my new additions this year.

I love color! Bright, bold color. If it's sparkly, even better!

Kudos to my husband for picking this up for me this weekend.
He rocks and so does this wicked ram's skull!
It's just a resin replica, but it's still super cool. 

These are a couple of jars I made a few years ago.
I added bbq ashes to the 'Corpse Dust' bottle, and the other
bottle is a Maker's Mark bottle which comes with the melted red wax (?).

Oh! And here is my ATC for today's crafty project.

I used this sweet little Frank from Make it Crafty.
He is from the Mini Monzta Boys set of digis.

Since his bolts are rather large, it left little room to do much
else, but I did add some MS washi tape to the bottom.

And now we resume our tour...

One of my favorite candle holders is this glass cauldron. 
It came as a set from Partylite years ago, but I just got 
some 'Hocus Pocus' votives for them the other day.
When the wax melts it turns into a wicked toxic yellow liquid.
I love these candles.

Another favorite from Michael's. Such a nice thrill to catch something
like this on clearance after the holiday.  

Here is another vignette on the left side of the mantle.
I am all about collecting cloches for my captured treasures. 

And the right side of the mantle. Another Michael's clearance jar with the purple
ribbon, alongside my new snow globe of the headless dude. I did score a mercury
glass cloche from a wonderful shop called, Insomniac's Attic. It's keeping my
bunny eared Stitchling in check. He likes to poke the kittehs with his pointy
stick if I don't lock him up at night.

Okay, folks. Thanks for stopping by today.
I'll be back tomorrow with the names of the giveaway winners.

Be sure to check out all the wonderful work and interesting posts
being offered on these glorious month long Halloween hops.


  1. Love your little ATC! I think I need to get some of those neon markers. FAbulous coloriing! AndWOW! What a fabulous tour. Looks like you've got the decorating well in hand. Glad you'll be leaving it up for awhile. (or forever, that works!) xxD

  2. Your decor is amazing!! Wish I had that talent for grouping things..sigh. The ATC is wonderful! As I looked at the first photo I thought why so sad Frank! In the second one I realized why he has a terrible headache...those huge bolts! What a bummer! Lovely coloring really delightful!

  3. Thank you for this fabulous look at some great treasures.
    I actually think I prefer a resin ram's skull to the real things. I bet it's lighter.
    Freaky cool vamp behind the yellow glass cauldron candle.
    I need to find a friendly headless dude.
    Now, the TAC - Frankie has some growing to do, bot intoo bolts and clothing.
    He does have a healthy GLOW about him!

  4. Love your Halloween decorations. Franky is cute. Love your ATC.

  5. Lovely tour! Awesome decorations, wicked skull! Such a cool ATC! Love the image and super bright colors! They glow!

  6. Love the ATC great image and colouring!

  7. Oh WOW, your Halloween decor is to die for and your ATC is the cutest ever! Love it!

  8. wow there is just so much awesomeness here that i can't pin point one area that pulls me. I think I have found my favorite and then I see another picture all totally fabulous. love how big those bolts are.

  9. Amazing stuff!! Love your ATC - great colouring!!

  10. I went to Michael's the other day hoping to score some good Hallowe'en decorations, but alas ... nothing but junk left. :(

    Perfect home for a stitchling, IMHO. :)

  11. You have so many awesome Halloween props and decorations.
    Love the ATC, Frankie is so cute.

  12. Wow! I'm so impressed with all your Halloween decorations--gorgeous!

  13. Fab ATC! Cute image and great bright colors. I love all your decorations, what cool pieces you have in your collection.

  14. OH my goodness your husband rocks for picking that skull up for you! This post was a blast to read and view! All the wonderful pics and details were so much fun to enjoy! The ATC had such a cute little Frankies monster! Love those over sized bolts! How funny! Very nice job on your mantle too! That is a really cool magnifying glass! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself today!


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