Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let the Halloween games begin!!!

I have to say that the build up to this day has been absolutely terrifying 
compared to years past. I guess the excitement of participating in 
one daily, month long blog hop for the Countdown to Halloween
wasn't enough, so I signed up for the 
Now I need to have a Halloween themed art project to post everyday.
Some people are just gluttons for punishment.    

I will have a Halloween giveaway (or two) mixed in with
my witty banter and cool art projects. I'll offer some sneak peeks into
my Halloween saturated abode and my kookie collections, too.

Sound like a good time? Let's get started!!

I am a dark crafter at heart. 
I have to say that one of my favorite ways to craft is to take a very
non-dark (dare I say cute?) image, and make it dark. Very dark.

Case in point:
This lovely lady was intended to be a delicate lily lotus fairy, 
but I saw her differently.

I changed her up a bit.
Just a tad...

I made this for the All Gored Up challenge at Aurora Wings.
The idea is to take a normal/mainstream image, and make it gory.
That is so right up my dark and creepy alley!!

I used a nice corrugated cardboard for my base. I peeled some of the paper
away to reveal the great texture. Then I painted it with gesso, and Dylusion
sprays. I hit the entire piece with a cool webbing spray paint I found in the 
clearance aisle at Mike's. Score! I painted the edges with Tim Holtz crackle paint
in black to frame it all in nicely. I also added the standard drippy goo punched
edge that you will most definitely be seeing again this month.
Oh, and that cool spider. All that webbing called for a killer spider.
I think she turned out to have a very strong 'Ju-On' vibe.
Which is what I was going for, so that makes me pretty happy with the 
first of 30 more projects to come.

The blogroll for the 31 Days of Halloween is in my sidebar.
The blogroll for Countdown to Halloween can be found by
clicking the link here or in my sidebar. That is quite a blogroll, too!
Lots of participants this year!

Thanks for dropping by today. 
See ya tomorrow with another cool project,
 and some new Halloween decorations.


  1. Eeeek! Oh Lily, what have you been up to? Brilliant! Just the right amount of gore and web!
    The Nanny x

  2. OMGoodness - totally AWESOME !!! This is amazing :-)
    IKE xxx

  3. Brilliant!!! This makes me look at my digi images in a whole new way! Love that dripping blood, spider and the corrugated cardboard :)

  4. glorious... happy start to the countdown, i hope all is swell... and i say "BOOOOO".


  5. OOOOh Glo! this just makes me SHIVER! Love how you've bloodied up this charmer and that background gives me the creepy crawlies. GOTTA find that webbing spray. FABULOUS! Will so love hopping again this year. xxD

  6. LOVE this! Especially what you've done to her eyes.

  7. This is totally awesome Glowbugg!! I really love it! Perfect job on the blood splatter!

  8. Love it!! Dark and gory! Perfect

  9. Ahhhhh!! you are AMAZING! Such a beautiful job and love seeing through your eyes. Textures are awesome and a fad idea w/ the corrugated background. Drippy, gooey, and scarey cool!

  10. WOW! Amazing transformation, her eyes are so stunning! Love all the gory details, awesome texture. So creepy-good! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is brilliant, Glo!!! Love the corrugated cardboard background and all the right touches everywhere. It is so fun for me to see a benign image be transformed into its totally creepy alter ego. I'm going to have to check your blog every day for all the fun you're going to be having this month. :D

    Mitzi xxx

  12. Oh dear goodness Glo!!! This is amazing! love the blood and drippy goo! Love the splatter on the flowers! love her freakin eyes! Amazing!!! Mo x

  13. oh
    Glow this is amazing. You read my mind in the small personalization you felt led to do. Just stunning

  14. I think I like your dark side.

    I am happily hopping the S&S trail.
    I will try to add in some from the other hop as I am able.

  15. You did a fantastic job of taking a "sweet" image and turning it gory. Bravo!

  16. Creepy job you did with her! She really turned out fangtastic! Thank you so much for sharing with us hoppers! Looking forward to your future shares!

  17. This is absolutely brilliant! Will have to nip over to Aurora Wings. Love black and white with a touch of red! Looking forward to your next creations!

  18. WOW! That is quite a personality change on that stamp. I love it.

  19. Wow this is an amazing transformation. She looks stunningly gory if that's even a word lol..

    Hugs Erin x

  20. Way to alter a stamp! Absolutely love the "drips"! Gives me a whole different approach to stamps! This is so amazing and it is super! Great way to start the month off!

  21. Oh My Ghoul! She is soooooo dark and creepy and divine! Love the spin on this image! Happy October!

  22. Fab job transforming the sweet image into a creepy and scary one.

  23. Great alteration. Love her wicked fingernails.

  24. Love how you made that sweet little girl into a monster.

  25. Oh my gosh, she is fabulous! I love how you made her all creepy , wonderful color choices too.


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