Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sexy Winged Beast Day 26

I must say that I have enjoyed better Octobers.
This has been a rough one. And by the time it's over
I'll be ready to enjoy it. That's why all the decorations
will be out until Thanksgiving. Well, there are a good amount
that stay out all year long, but you get the idea.

Check out this schmexy chick from Rick St. Dennis.
Her name is 'Batty Bettina'. Pretty cute, huh?
I colored in non-traditional Halloween colors for a change.
I was beginning to bore myself with the same old lime green,
orange, and purple color schemes. It was difficult to find papers
that looked okay, though....

I am almost completely done with this Halloween themed album.
Three more pages, and the covers, and I am done. Finally.
It has been fun though. I have no idea what I'm going to do with
it once I'm done, but I'll figure something out. 

Thanks for sticking with me so far. 
Not much longer now, and we can get back to our
regularly scheduled lives.  

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long blog hops going on right now!

Both the girls are on the mend!! Foxxi is doing very well. We are so
proud of her progress. She even felt well enough to model her fall sweaters 
for us yesterday. Gabbi is eating solid foods, and is happy she doesn't need a 
sweater. I think we're going to be okay. Can I cry now? What a week.....  


  1. You deserve a good cry. I'll cry right along with you. Tears of joy. You did it! Saved the girls. YEA!!!!!!! this is gonna be one fabulous book. Fun little schmexy batgirl and super coloring as always. Amazing that you've been able to hang in there, but you're one amazing chick! xxD

  2. Hope you are giving you and hubby high fives!! You saved 2 pups from parvo....not many people can do that!! Soooo glad things are looking better and what a trooper you are to continue blogging with all this month has thrown at you!! Love that image and your coloring is an inspiration to me! Your papers are perfect an love that little pumpkin tag!!

  3. Glad to hear that both are doing better. Foxxi is adorable and even cuter in that fall sweater. You can cry now - if you need to. There is no shame in letting it out. Hugs. Now on to that cute and 'innocent' little winged beast - She is beautifully colored and I love the elements you added.

  4. Batty Betina is a seductress! From her eyes to her pose, to the magical colors you have chosen.

  5. Batty Bettina is awesome, wonderful colors you picked, love this color set! Awesome green border, love it!
    Happy day, glad the puppies are much better!
    ~super hugs~

  6. Woo she is a sexy bat girl! Your coloring is gorgeous what a fab card! Your pups are adorable, who wouldn't feel better wearing that awesome sweater!

  7. Lovely colouring on Bettina.

    So happy to hear about the dogs - they are both gorgeous and you must be so relieved to have them on the mend.

  8. She's a sassy lil ghoul and I love how you coloured her! Spooktacular card!

  9. Thanks for showing the pictures of the today's image - beautiful colouring! The total composition is wonderful...

  10. Lovely page, great colors on the image.
    Fur babies look awesome, glad they are doing better.

  11. Definitely can't show this one to the teenage boy child. Very va va voom

  12. Oh, I'm so happy to hear about your recovering doggies! Thanks for the pics, too--they are both quite the cuties! Love your card today too--perfect color scheme!

  13. Fabulous colouring of this sexy little thing! Love the non traditional colours,and the papers are perfect!

  14. That is a great album! Cute little dogs too! What fun!


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