Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toe tag! You're it! The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge #8

The shock is just starting wear off regarding my recent invitation to
join the Burtonesque Dolls.
I am finally all set up and ready to play!
This week's challenge was to create a toe tag
inspired by Burton's "Beetlejuice".
I have some really cool images from a guy who calls his
company Meer Image. His last name is Meer. Cool huh?
I never think to use these stamps because they are so strange and not really
fitting for most 'greeting cards'.
I managed to work this cool "Return to Sender" image in for my toe tag.
And then there is Pearl.
She is one of my favorite Daniel Torrente images (thanx Barb!),
and something about her reminded me of the scene in Beetlejuice where the wedding couple is hovering over the dinning room table.
Must be the slack in her hands and the gaunt look on her face.
Okay, now let me 'splain the pearls on her neck.
I started off using Liquid Pearls on her necklace, but smeared them before they
were dry. This left a shiny, sparkle to her neck and I was unable to color it any further with Copics due to the finish the LP left.
Sooooooo, I added the over abundance of pearls to cover her
shiny decolletage.
I guess it works. It definitly looks better than before I added them. 


  1. Great Toe Tag, total Burtonesque!!!!So Happy you're on the DT:) Hey, where's you badge???

  2. This is SO cool! You seem to always find the niftiest stamps (and then do such cool stuff with them!)! :-)Traci

  3. I have a couple of these images myself. GAWD Gloria this is creepy!! PERFECT!! You did awesome and once again so glad to have you join up!! Wahoo!! :)

  4. This TOTALLY reminds me of that scene in BeetleJuice! I love the sentiment too totally morbid! Love your work!

  5. I'll be seeing that image in my the corner or standing over's the loooong arms that get me!!!
    Cool card!!
    XO Curse

  6. OMG! This is a crack up! I love Pearls pearls. Works for me! xxD

  7. this is just plain sick (I LOVE IT!!!!!) fantastic, just looks amazing xx

  8. Love this! Especially Perl... she makes me happy :) Fabulous coloring, and the pearls definitely work!!


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