Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 down, 2 to go!

Here is the card I made for my husband for Father's Day.
I got this great image from Mo Manning's Digital Pencil
I thought it was perfect for my husband.
He likes to play video games with my son, and he likes to leave a mess around the bottom of his brown recliner in our living room too!
I knew I could go one better, and make it look like my husband.

I added glasses, tattoos, and some facial hair and sideburns to really make it resemble
my handsome husband of 14 years.
I kept the rest of the card really simple to show off the image.
I kept it simple because I still have two more Father's day cards to make!!


  1. hehe I love it! You give a whole new meaning to "custom cards" hehe

  2. This is awesome! I LOVE how you customized the image... nice tats, baby ;)

  3. Too cute! Bet he really got a kick out of it! Great customization! Good luck with the rest. I gave up! xxD

  4.'s like looking at a picture of him!!!
    XOXO Curse

  5. Isn't it so much fun to make a portrait card? I don't know what your DH looks like, but i get the feeling you did a fabulous job with it!! :-)Traci


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