Friday, June 4, 2010


My good friend, MacKenzie, is leaving for Japan next week.
When I saw this image I knew it was a good excuse to make her a card and a good excuse to spend a couple bucks on the digi at TiddlyInks.
At first, I envisioned coloring her in like a spectre. Making her all transparent and
wispy. But, just because I like weird schtuff, doesn't mean everyone does, so I kept her more on the side of the living.
Okay, notice the fancy, schmancy, dotted background?
It's all the rage these days.
I just don't know where or when to stop! I feel like it's too much, or not enough.
Then I added the Stickles, and look out!
I still need some practice I guess.
It's the thought that counts right?


  1. I like the dots. Too cute. Tiddly Inks are my new favorite stamps. I love the Gothic cuties.

  2. Too cute! Love the addition of sparkle to the background. Your friend will love it! xxD

  3. How'd I get so lucky to have a friend like you? My card is beautiful!! Love love love it!


  4. Oooh this is cute! I like the dots but KWYM about when to stop. I think this image is so darn cute! One of the few I DON'T have. hee hee

  5. This is so cute, Gloria! Love it!


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