Saturday, February 20, 2010

What the flock?!

Here we have my very first 'Wee Henry" card from Hambo.
It depicts Henry as a leprechaun, and I thought he was a perfect image to use with Hambo's hilarious, 2 part sentiment for St. Patrick's day.
I went ahead and just printed out the image twice, and then I used the pot of gold, but drew in some potatoes to go with the famine verbage.
I used another head for Henry since I messed up the skin tone on the original head. I used some orange flocking for Henry's beard and his strands of hair. I also got a bit crazy with the pot of gold and used 3 different colors of Stickles to really make that sucka sparkle!



  1. Freakin' cute! LOVE the sparkly gold & hand drawn potatoes... and what a fun sentiment :)


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