Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lovely little Ava

I am a night owl. I stay up so late you could say I'm a morning person. I sit in my craft room in front of the computer and surf all night long (when I'm not making cards).
During one of my "midnight surfing" sessions, I happened upon this gorgeous little anime fairy named, Ava at

I have quite a few different versions of Ava, so you'll be seeing more of her in the future.
I was going to enter this in Barb's Haunted Design House challenge (it's all about purple!), but I'm afraid Ava is too cute for Barb. I don't want to sully my creepy reputation by submitting something cutesy, or encourage any harrassment from the cool kids at Barb's hangout. 
I've still got time to make something ghoulish for the purple challenge.   


  1. LOL!!!!! She is too cute... but if you recall, I've been known to do cute stuff too ;) Fabulous coloring job and I DO love all of the purple :)

  2. I think it's awesome! I love the purple hair.

  3. OMG..that is freaking adorable!!!

  4. I really like her! But I do like cute, or even better, cute and a bit creepy combined like the Skelekinz card you did a few days ago! This one makes me think of moonlight in the forest with Fairies flittin' about (soemthing about that background paper)! :-)Traci


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