Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Viking

An old friend of mine is going to be a Dad for the first time, in a few weeks.
His baby shower (tee hee) is this weekend, so I 'whipped' up this adorable little card using the strawberry boy image from Bugaboo. I actually needed a baby girl, so I gave him a curl and some eyelashes, and it's a girl!
This was such a fun image to color, and it gave me a great area to practice blending with my Copics.
I am quite pleased with how this whole card turned out. I am especially stoked over the bow! It only took me half a dozen tries (and a yard of ribbon!) to get it perfect.

Oh yeah, let me explain the title of this post. My friend, we'll call him Robb, ('cause that's his name) is a huge Minnesota Vikings fan. For as long as I have known him - 25 years - he has been a fan, so I am assuming he will inflict this fanaticism on his newborn daughter.  I'm hoping to beat him to the punch on this one.
It's one of those ceramic mugs you get out of the gumball machines. It's so tiny and cute! I just added some ribbons to make it girly and now the little Miss can enjoy her grog while watching the game with Daddy next season.  


  1. Fantastic coloring on that baby image... LOVE it!

  2. How cute! I'm sure he'll get a kick out if it.

  3. HAHAHAHA...that's adorable! You gotta start them young right? I'm sure they'll all love it!

    BTW...AMAZING blending job GF!

  4. Super sweet card! It's amazing how much the tiniest amount of altering can change a stamp, huh? You did a great job! And your post makes me laugh (we'll call him Robb - cuz' that's his name...HeeHee!) :-)Traci

  5. Very Cute! The colors are blended perfect!!! Really pretty ribbon too! You rock!!!!

    XO- Curse

  6. Oh god that's cute. Sticky sweet cute.


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