Saturday, February 13, 2010

Genevieve, World Traveler

I have finally started to follow the 'thinking masses', and choose my papers, PRIOR to coloring my images.  
This takes hours off of my composition time! 
Gee, ya think?!
Only took me a year or so to figure this out, but I am amazed at how easily my projects are coming together these days.
This is 'Genevieve', another of the brilliant images drawn by Annie Rodrigue.
I adore these Steampunk images and really want to make them the focal point of the card, so I have been keeping the overall card very simple.

I added the word, 'wings' and a key brad that I have had for a while.
Inside, I added the tresure map accessory that came with Genevieve. 
Pretty simple,  but such a nice impact from the image alone.

Oh yeah, there is a new image release over at Kraftin' Kimmie's this weekend where she is unveiling new Annie Rodrigue images (and others).
The new Annie images are, PIRATES!!!
I think she is trying to provide my husband with a justified means of homicide. If he finds out how much money I have sent to KK in the past couple of months, he may just strangle me!  
I love to live life on the edge!  


  1. Another beauty! LOVE the glitteriness, and that image is beyond adorable :)

  2. Absolutely adorable-these Kraftin' Kimmie stamps are some of my FAVE and I adore them!!!!

  3. Fantastic!!
    Yep, I had to make my way over there for the pirates, too! Aaagh! :-)Traci


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