Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hogs and Sketches January 2010 Challenge part deux

Here is my second submission for the Hambo Hogs and Sketches challenge this month.
I have to admit that I am quite "smitten" with Monica and Tim over at Hambo. I love the challenges and their images are so much fun to color and create with.
I used the snail image and the sentiment both from Hambo, which would seem to make it easier for me, right? No, this card and it's loose elements have been sitting on my work table for the past  two weeks. I just kept tweaking it and nothing came together right until last night.

Finally, we have something worth posting!

I just got a bunch of rubber in the mail from Monica today, so I am off to mount 'em, and ink 'em up!


  1. Very nice!!! It's nice being 'smitten'.

  2. Cute cute cute :-) You need to come over and play SOON!

  3. Adorable!!! Sounds like you've had a rough time in 2009 (I can relate). Let's hope for a better 2010, yeah?

  4. Aw you're snail card is cooler than mine! :) He is awfully cute. Love the card.

  5. Adorable!! I totally love this card and all the pretty colors. Did you post the link for this one on the challenge?


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