Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Honor thy Skull

It's that time of year again, when we celebrate the cranium!!
Yup, it's Skull Appreciation Day!!!

I love skulls. All kinds of skulls. I have armadillo skulls, skull tattoos, 
skull art, skull toys, skull kitchenware, barware, clothing, purses, shoes, 
bandanas, skull stamps, skull paper crafts, embellies, etc... 
You name it, my husband and I probably have it.

That being said, I have a few Skull Appreciation projects 
to share with you today on the Smeared and Smudged blog hop.

First up, is an older project that is finally (nearly) finished.

This is my sgraffito skull. I started working on it last year,
and am determined to finish it and have it glazed 
and fired before Hallowe'en. 
Once it's fired, it will be a high gloss black with white artwork. 

I am trying to keep it in a fairly Hallowe'en theme.
Gah! I hate what I did to the teeth, but with everything else going on, 
maybe they won't be too distracting.

Another jawline spiderweb. And more bad teeth....

Thirteen has been my lucky number for years, so it was a given that
it be represented on my skull.

Back of the skull.
I still want to do something to the sides of the skull, but I 
haven't decided on a design yet.

My next project is a papercraft. Had to be done, no way around it.

I present you with,
She is a brilliant image drawn by Rick St. Dennis and available here.

She is fierce!

Colored with Copics, MS scarab border, and MS dp.

Lastly, is one of my favorite things to make out of polymer clay.

A wonky skull!

I created this background using some techniques I learned 
through an Andy Skinner workshop. Such a cool and fun texture.

Then, I artfully crafted this rather large skull out of polymer clay.
He's about 4 1/2" wide by 3 1/3" high. The backing plaque 
measures approximately 5" x 5". 
Overall, much larger than I usually make my skulls.

I used purple, black, and silver acrylic paints and washes to achieve
the color on the skull. I added a couple coats of satin sealer to finish it off.

Thanks so much for sticking around until the end.
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  1. I freaking love that last skull he is amazing. All of your projects are brill but that last skull is AWESOME!!! x

  2. Well I'll sayather labor intensive! WOW, Glo! Love all of the projects. Can't wait to see the first one glazed. Fabbo image by Rick and Love what you've done with it. But your last project makes my heart SWOON! Love, love, LOVE! xxD

  3. Glo, I honor thy wonderful skullie skills!! You have to show us a pic of Sgraffito Skull when it is completed. I am heading to Rick's Shop later and will now how to pick up another awesome image, love your card. Base textures on last project came out sooo well. Love your big skull and teeth on this one look so real. Wonderful and thanks for sharing.

  4. These are amazing love them all so nice to be hopping with you
    Jacki xx

  5. OM effinG hun! Totally gobsmacked as usual, fabulous pieces! xx

  6. You rock as always-thanks for making my image look far better than it actually is---great job

  7. Your clay project totally rocks. And Glo once you finish and fire that skull it is going to be so beautiful, that you will want to guard it w/ your life LOL! I use to own a Ceramic shop, so I can see your skull fired in my head. That shiny black w/ the white accents OMG. You have got to let me see it when your done w/ it plz!! Both projects are just super, love them and you!

  8. Wow glo you really are amazing

    I think your projects are all stunning

  9. Ooh, I love your skull creations! All three projects are just too cool.:)

  10. woozers what a awesome show here the art is brilliant and wonderful. thanks so much for sharing the awesome.
    susan s

  11. Glo you do the best Skulls bar none.
    I cant wait to see the top one when its finished...its stunning as is.
    Keep safe my friend love BDx

  12. Nice pinstriping on the skull.

    I actually like what you did with the teeth, it might be cool to work that detail in around the rest of the skull.

  13. fantastic pieces Gloria love them all

  14. Wow! Awesome projects! I especially love the sgraffito skull. The teeth on it look cool too.

  15. I love your mask and I think the teeth are perfect as is! I can't wait to see it after the firing!!! Your Queen of Skulls is absolutely gorgeous and I'm totally in love with your wonky skull plaque! How long did that sucker take to cook? I love the added texture to the background and must take more of Andy's workshops to learn how to do such things. You rock, Glo! BTW, the watermark is fine. I have three versions of it. I didn't use it on today's projects because I didn't leave enough of a background and didn't want to block any of my skully goodness. You will definitely see me use it in the future and I thank you for all your hard work :) Happy Skull Appreciation Day!

  16. whoop whoop...Glo you rock. THREE fantastic projects!!!

    The sgraffito skull is going to be crazy cool when it is fired, please share a photo. Love the RSD stamp on your card and your sentiment is perfect. What can I say about the wonky skull - stupendous!

  17. oh my ghoul, what a delight of skully goodness! your ceramic skull is going to be amazing once fired and your card is scrumpcious and the polymer clay creation is to die for! fabulous!!!!! happy SAD day!

  18. Oh my goodness! I love your projects!!! happy hopping! Mo xxx

  19. Wow! Love your art!!! Love your coloring of RstD image!!! Beautiful. Cool skulls. :)

  20. Glowbug, you are glowing with creativity and talent!

  21. Wow, these projects are so inspiring. I like the teeth on your skull, don't change them.
    The scarab border on the card is neat, i've never seen anything like it.

    How big is the clay skull and how long did it take to bake?

  22. I love all your projects, but the ceramic skull is going to be wonderful when glazed and fired - wonderful details!

  23. So many many projects but omg the skull your making is gorgeous!!! It's going to look amazing when it's done I just know it. I would love to learn how you made it, would be cool to try it out. Happy skull day!

  24. Glo, these are all gorgeous. I love that skull and cannot wait to see the finished product all fired. The RSD card is awesome, as always, and that polymer clay skull is so you. LOVE the background. You rock. :)

  25. So many many projects!!! I love everyting! )) Great job!

  26. Your projects are amazing love them all

  27. WOW I love love love your Skull , its brilliant and the 2 other creations are stunning too, cAnt wait to see it once its been fired! Happy Hopping, Hazelxox

  28. LOVING sgrafito skull, will be awesome when fired! And I reckon we must've done the same Andy Skinner class, I made a bookcover bit like your gorgeous background -lots of moulding paste, great fun. Awesome projects!

  29. Oh wow, lovin' all your projects. My first thought when I saw that first skull was how cool the teeth looked :) Your card is just amazing, and yes that image is fierce! Your wonky skull is awesome too, so cool how you did that textured background.
    Happy Skull Day!

  30. OOooooh !! That pottery skull is gonna' looks awesome. The card is fabbo but I would just kill for that Wonky Skully plaque..... simply mind blowing and the background soooo rocks too !!!!
    IKE xxx

  31. oh wow I love that skull I can't wait to see it done, its going to look awesome! and I love the teeth what are you talking about crazy woman! your RSD coloring is amazing and as always I love your wonky skulls! you rock girl!!

  32. Your work is so fabulous! You really do make such wonderful skulls :Dxx

  33. Gorgeous creations. So much work, it is awesome. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  34. I don't even know where to start with you. I guess at the top.....I think you did a fab job on the teeth. I was saying to myself that I thought it was a cool and unique way to paint them...then I saw that you didn't like them. I think you're crazy. The card is awesome. Your coloring skills always make me a bit green with envy. And the polymer skull....amazing! LOVE that background. The touches of purple really make it wicked. Good wicked...you know what I mean. Amazing. You always inspire me.


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