Friday, June 28, 2013

I challenge you to a duel!

Cat Nap digi stamp
A few weeks ago, Rick St. Dennis released a sickeningly
sweet image called, "Cat Nap". So precious and mainstream.
I was feeling a bit frisky when I saw a sample card 
my fellow EDT member Monique made for the image.
I dared her to creep it up a bit. I love transforming images, 
and haven't had a go in a while. Even our other EDT Sister, Alison
wanted in on the make-over action.   

Now the logical plan of attck would be to work on the kiddo.
He is pretty easily transformed just by the use of color, but I wanted a bit
more of a challenge. Those kitties look like they could be fun....

    So glad to have those Copic multiliners. They made the transformation
much easier than a Sharpie. I decided to go with mutant eyes and horns
for the kitties. The talons reminded me of a sloth, which I thought was cool.

After transforming the kitties, I was at a loss as to how to change the kid.
I decided to go with the idea of a nightmare that hasn't struck just yet.
That way the boy could stay the same and just the felines had gone
terribly feral. I hand wrote the "Sweet Dreams" with a multiliner.

Another of my favorite sentiment stamps, coupled with a kitty sticker border,
and an eyeball sticker from MS.

I received this cute, black paperbag scrapbook from Barb, months ago, and have
been plotting how and when to use it. I have decided to put together a MoNsTeRs
scrapbook using a bunch of RSD images, old and new. Stay tuned for more installments.

Drop by the Airless Chambers blog and see what Monique and Alison did with
their sleeping baby and kitties image. Not for the faint of heart though....


  1. those kitties are awesome, they look great with horns and sloth claws

    you rock

  2. Bwahahahahahaha !!!! AWESOME... this made me LARF OUT LOUD.. I can tell you :-D The perfect thing for this image... it IS way too cutesy for the likes of us LoL
    Rockin' Glo.... really Rockin'
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Awesome! I love the spikes on the green that mutant is! Love the sentiment too. Awesome job, as always!

  4. OOOh, love those KITTIES! Love the sentiment too. Just how I feel. this is just fab, Glo! xxD

  5. This is truly awesome! Love how you creeped out a cute image! So cool!


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