Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mommy's little Zombie!

Twelve years ago today,
my life changed forever.

I became a Mother and learned what it meant to
fall in love at first sight and to love unconditionally.

My son, Gryphon Hunter is the coolest kid I know.
He is intelligent, unique, artistic, hilariously witty, and
a neat kid to hang out with. I often forget that he is still a kid.

And he still lets me dress him up for

He (and his Dad) have made me a better person just by
showing me love and compassion. They have taught me
the true meaning of family.
Seriously, I was a real piece of work before the boys came

My husband and I just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary
on Wednesday. We are high school sweethearts, and we've actually
been together for 24 years.
He loves me, despite me. I'm a real lucky lady. 

Goin' out of town for a few days to celebrate.
I need some ocean air....


  1. Happy Birthday to Gryphon and Congratulations to you and your husband on 15 years! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gryphon! And (((hugs))) to you, Miss Glo! Enjoy your weekend away!

  3. AW man! that's just awesome! Happy Birthday Gryphon. Enjoy your break Glo. Talk to you soon!

  4. Happy Birthday Gryphon. You forgot to mention just how handsome he is as well. Also happy anniversary that is quite some time to be together and still be in love, you truly are lucky to have found each other (now I have to go and have a serious talk with myself for being so sappy hehe) xx

  5. wow congrats on all those years! longer than i've been alive! lol

    happy birthday to Gryphon too... FANtastic name btw!


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