Friday, August 19, 2011

Skellie group shot

I am new to the awesome digis from
I am a fan. A big fan.

This is the "Dunce Cap Skellies" image.
Saw it. Had to have it.

Fun to color, but I kinda blew it on the "shiny" parts. I used a white
gel pen that decided to take a nap on me and stopped working about
halfway through. I ended up using glitter to help camouflage the shiny bits.
I used the banner die from My Favorite Things and hand wrote the 
happy birthday. Wish I had thought to typeset it before the cutting,
but oh well.

Thanks for dropping by! 


  1. It is still awesome no matter what you think went wrong with it!!! I love it!!!

  2. Oh how cute are these guys! And if you hadn't said anything no-one would know anything went wrong!

  3. This is gorgeous. Was that the gel pen I sent? It shouldn't have done that. I will get you another one cos they are really good and mine always work for ages. I love how you coloured these guys, think I will have to get me that digi too (although my colouring wouldn't make it look like yours!). x

  4. love that digi! wonderful job with them!

  5. Hey you didn't mess up on the shiny parts. Unless you can see it in real life but it doesn't show on the picture. This card is fun!!

  6. "Oh well"?

    This card is GREAT! We never would have known that anything here turned out differently than you'd intended!

    And I love your handwriting. Not only is it a beautiful style, but it's so much more personal.

  7. This card is amazing, GLoria! WOW! Those little guys are perfect to showcase your style and your coloring is fabulous!

  8. This image is so totally YOU and your shiny bits look GREAT! Love it!


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