Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - HDH097 Loathsome Lotharios

The new challenge at Haunted Design House is
Basically, a guy who is a total player.
He'll take your money, your love and your dignity.
If you're one of the few who has never encountered
such a scoundrel, count yourself quite lucky.

I chose a quote from one of my all time favorite TV shows,

"Nip Tuck".

Doctor Christian Troy is a true douche bag
in every sense of the word. 
He's probably fun to be with for an evening, but don't
get comfortable ladies. He's been known to make women
wear a bag over their heads during intimacy before.
Real nice guy, right? 

I went with a very unfamiliar color scheme for this one.
I dunno why, but I just don't reach for blue very often.
I did reach for it this time, along with one of the 
Tickled Pink's "Lil' Lads - Lestat".
He looks brooding and in need of some female companionship.
I like it!

Drop by Haunted Design House and check out the 
eye candy from the rest of the Minions.
Maybe even get inspired to play along


  1. Loving it hun! Never watched that show, so not sure of the character, but he sounds like a real git!! LOL

  2. OK, so first I have to say, AWESOME! I love this creation, especially the ocean of blues! Wonderful!

    Next I have to say ... um ... you regularly watch a television show that features a character who sometimes asks his "conquests" to wear a face-covering bag in order to become a conquest?

    You must have excellent control.

    My television would be filled with bits from the shoe I shoved through it with my foot!

    ha ha ha. :)

  3. This is one amazingly coloured card. The shading on his jacked is wonderful. It is also one superbly layed out card. The guy sounds like a total pri#* though haha. x

  4. OH MY GOSH Glo, we ahve more in common that I thought. Nip/Tuck is my favorite show ever. I was heart broken when it ended. I have all the seasons on DVD, but the very last one. It is not a show for everyone though.
    You did an awesome job on Lestat and I love the whole black and blue color scheme. I think he ended up black and blue in more ways than one on the show. lol. Hope you are doing good.


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